28057 Colin Bond: Time to move from the academic pillar to a focus on the military pillar

Next stop: Environmental Preparatory Training (EPT)

Article by: 28057 OCdt (II) Colin Bond

Colin Bond

With the conclusion of exams at RMC, comes the movement from the academic pillar to a focus on the military pillar. This week, Cadets will be taking part in Environmental Preparatory Training (EPT) to ensure success on summer courses. The training offered to the cadets at RMC allows for a head start before they arrive at their respective courses.

For the first-year cadets, their summer training consists of the second module of Basic Military Officer Qualification (BMOQ). So, the training that the first years will see is all focused around the main points that the course will teach: giving orders, ruck marching, navigation, and another course specific material will be briefly covered in this week-long training excursion.

With the second-years and above, their training will mostly depend on their elements and the requirement for a Second Language Profile. Cadets without a language profile will be sent to either St. Jean, Quebec or remain at RMC for the summer in order to learn their second language. Army will be at either Gagetown, or Petawawa for their next training, the Navy will be sent out to Halifax, and the Airforce will remain across the country for their next stage in training.

In regards to the Army training, Infantry officer or Engineering officers will be the ones sent off to Gagetown for their week of training. This will provide the best learning environment for them since their course will take place in Gagetown. For the others, RMC will provide more then enough space for the preparatory training that will occur and sufficiently teach those who are about to go on course.

As for the Navy, the second years not attending any second language training will be sent off to Halifax to prepare them for their MARS 2 training. Like all of the other training, sending the cadets to their next training area is one of the better ways to plan for success at the courses.

Finally, the Air Force will remain in Kingston since so many Air Force cadets will be sent to On the Job Experience (OJEs) postings all across Canada. Remaining in Kingston will also allow for the best coverage of all of the Air Force trades, and their specific training.

A fun summer full of learning is ahead for all cadets at the Royal Military College. EPT allows for a head start into the necessary training for the Officer Cadets, and success in their future careers.