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28560 Bennett Dickson: Impressions of RMC a Semester Later

“RMC Kingston has been everything I expected and then some”

Article by 28560 OCdt (II) Bennett Dickson

At the beginning of the semester, I wrote about the transition from CMR Saint-Jean to RMC Kingston and some of the things I was looking forward to. (For that article, please see here.) And, about three and a half months later, I’m happy to say that RMC Kingston has been everything I expected and then some.

When I first arrived, my biggest worry was finding a balance between the four pillars, seeing as I would need to adjust to a new lifestyle and way of doing things. The school was bigger, there were more people, and the small little rules we abide by were all new. However, to my surprise, the transition was incredibly easy and I’m happy to say that in the last few months, I’ve been able to adjust to life in Kingston with ease.

In terms of academics and bilingualism, I’ve had higher marks than I did last year, as well as a greatly improved French level. While Kingston lacks the French immersion that Saint-Jean offered, as well as some of the French-speaking opportunities, the College has put in place a number of resources to help us grasp the new language and improve ourselves until we obtain a “B-B-B” profile.

I was afraid that, by the end of second year, I would still be struggling to get my language profile, seeing as I didn’t have the immersion I’ve been relying on for the past year. However, because of the help of my French teachers and the overall attitude towards French at RMC, I was able to earn my first two “B’s” on my profile and begin working on the oral aspect of learning French as a second language.

When it comes to athletics and military leadership, I’ve noticed an increase in both my physical fitness level and the way I personally conduct myself. I like to think this is because of the resources available to us at the College and the emphasis being put on these two pillars.

Overall, I believe RMC is moving in the right direction. The College is going through a time of change and, despite many of the difficulties the system is facing, they’re adjusting well and maintaining the prestigious image they’ve held for so long. And, seeing as I’ve already had so much fun in the last few months, I’m excited to see what the next two years holds in stock.