28560 OCdt (IV) Bennett Dickson: An RMC COVID Thanksgiving

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Article by 28560 OCdt (IV) Bennett Dickson

This past year has been full of uncertainties; from the emergence of COVID, to watching the Toronto Raptors play for an arena full of computer screens, nothing seems to be “right”. Thanksgiving was no different.

This past Thanksgiving was definitely one for the books; I can’t speak to all Officer Cadets at RMC, but I know for me, it was spent eating pizza with my housemates in Kingston, rather than my traditional turkey family dinner. Due to the “freezing” of social bubbles in Ontario, I couldn’t go home and enjoy it with my family like every other year.

But it wasn’t all that bad. One of the beauties of our remote learning semester is being able to enjoy the little things without the added stressors of campus life at RMC. Instead of using the Thanksgiving break to catch up on school work like I would usually do, it was spent in front of a television with friends, or in front of a Facetime call with my family. Our flexible schedules have allowed us to, more or less, learn and work at our own pace without any harsh deadlines (like a 6:30am inspection) to keep us awake and busy.

And this was the reality of the holiday for many of my friends at the College, as well. While it was hard not being with family, the distance has allowed a lot of us to appreciate the time we have with our families a little more, as well as really enjoy the company of the people we’re with now.

While I wish that life would go back to “normal”, this past Thanksgiving was definitely one I’ll remember, and I think I can speak for the entirety of the Cadet Wing on that. It’s going to be interesting to see how Christmas plays out.