28568 OCdt Liam Chambers not your typical (I) Year

28568 OCdt Liam Chambers not your typical (I) Year

Article by: WJO

Liam Chambers

Thanks to a very strong endorsement from Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce, Department of English, OCdt Liam Chambers is the newest first year to join e-Veritas’s team of student writers.

As the movie star, look alike, joins RMC as an older ROTP officer-cadet with a pretty impressive military background, we are confident that he will bring a rare perspective to his articles that will incorporate his experiences and how they relate to college life.

The now, OCdt Chambers, spent five years in the Royal Canadian Navy as a Regular Force NCM.

He enrolled in the CAF in 2011, and after basic training, completed his trade training at CFB Esquimalt as a Sonar Operator. From there, the Qualicun Beach, BC native was subsequently posted to HMCS Vancouver, a west-coast frigate, in 2012.

As a young NCM, Liam was attached posted to HMCS Algonquin, a destroyer that no longer is in service, and his first time at sea in the Navy happened to be in the crash that would be the end of the destroyer’s service.

After returning to the Vancouver, Chambers earned an advanced promotion to Leading Seaman in 2014.  A year later, he finished top of his ship’s team diver course before embarking on SOUTHPLOY; a South American Naval deployment focusing on international relations and anti-narcotic operations.

Some of his experiences there include: diving under the frigate off of the coast of Columbia, jumping out of a Sea King helicopter numerous times near the Galapagos, diving in Lima, Peru to cut the propellers free of a fishing line that had been entangled on the entrance, and a submarine exercise with the Chilean Navy.

Throughout his time in the Navy, the very fit and athletic LS played CISM Soccer, the national team for the Canadian Forces that spans every element.

He competed in South Korea at a 3-week CISM world games, scoring goals against Guinea and the United States.

As well, LS Chambers has had the opportunity to be a part of the Sentry Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider in Ottawa. He took this role as the first Navy rotation after the tragic shooting death of Corporal Cirillo, and as the senior navy personnel on the sentry drill team, he had the honor of being posted to the same position, a responsibility that weighed heavily on him.

It is no surprise that he is a key member of the RMC varsity soccer team.

OCdt Chambers has five solid years of Naval experience, both at sea and on base.

The plan is to use his background to focus on bringing a one-of-a-kind perspective through interviews with former colleagues. As well, as writing pieces that will encapsulate the unique nature of the Officer-NCM relationship, and how important it is to complete team cohesion.

Rolande and I are both delighted to have Liam as part of the e-Veritas team; we are confident that he will provide many must read articles on a regular basis.