2Lt Mary Valair military career on trek

26944- Mary Valair military career on trek

Article by: 27371 OCdt (IV) Allyssa Millie

2Lt Mary Valair, 26944, graduated with the class of 2017 with a degree in Business and Economics, with a minor in Psychology. After graduation she went to CFB Borden where she began her training to become a Human Resources Logistics Officer in the Air Force.

Valair has recently finished the logistics common course (LOCC) and will complete her elemental and specialty training in the fall. LOCC teaches the basics of being a logistics officer and “really opens up the world of logistics in the military.” Until she returns to Borden in September for further specialty training, she has been posted to CFB Winnipeg. She has just started to explore the area and is very excited to get started at her new job next week working with the Operational Support Squadron. By December she will be fully trade qualified, and is very excited for what the future will hold.

“RMC also prepares you a lot more then I thought it would. Compared to the DEOs coming in, we have a lot more understanding of military life and what is expected in the military. But at the same time, I find that RMC graduates have a lot to learn from DEOs as well, to learn how to live outside of the military.”

The one thing she misses the most about RMC is the people she met here. The biggest thing Valair believes that she gained from RMC is the network of friends she has made. Even other RMC grads who she has yet to meet because they all share that graduation in common which brings all of us together.

Fourth year at RMC holds a lot of great memories for Valair, who says that Sunday mornings were very special to her. “Sometimes on Sunday mornings my flight would get together and make ourselves pancakes and bacon and have a nice brunch. Sometimes it takes till fourth year to get up the nerve to enjoy and participate in this luxury.”

Some advice she wishes to share with future graduates is to try and soak up all lessons learned and to not be afraid to try everything. There are a ton of opportunities out there. Take what you learn seriously, you might not see the importance right away but it can be useful later in your career.