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  • 3069 W.A. McColl’s – II Year – 1950: “The obstacle course was certainly not as hard as last year’s…”

3069 W.A. McColl’s – II Year – 1950: “The obstacle course was certainly not as hard as last year’s…”

16 Oct 50

Yesterday was Sunday—I was in to Fritz’s place for dinner and it was certainly a real spread, strawberry shortcake and all… Afterwards we both ran the mile… Fritz romped around and won in five minutes ten seconds and I managed to finish in about six minutes. It was for our squadron eliminations…We sailed against Queen’s yesterday and won both races… Today I got three letters and some snaps I took at Shilo…more gym work after classes…we have about ten fellows now…riding after supper… I finally can post pretty well…they had a new mare Pixie whom I rode and we got along together fine. I changed once and got a stubborn one called Beau Regard. Woody’s horse took a nip at my horse and Beau unseated me. I was in a cursed English saddle, which makes it seem as if I was riding bareback… Andy got back tonight… He has a small cast on his back and looks pretty pale. He’ll have to work hard to catch up on a what he has missed. It’s good to have the old gang back. All we need now is Bob Fraleigh.

18 Oct 50

Today has certainly been one of the big days so far this year. The track and field meet was run off and afterwards the recruits ran the obstacle course. It was a fine day for the meet and we had a good crowd. Palle Kiar broke the record for the javelin. No. 2 Squadron won the meet with ( ) points, No. 1 came close with ( ) points and No. 3 trailed way behind with twenty-six points. Fritz won the three-mile race and came close to the record. The R.C.E.M.E bugle band came down and played at various times. They are exceptionally well drilled and put on quite a show. The obstacle race was certainly not as hard as last year’s and both of the tunnel mazes were cut out. Our recruits of No. 1 Squadron won by a good margin and a lot of teamwork was shown on some of the obstacles.

20 Oct 50

We held a big pep rally and snake dance out in Fort Frederick tonight to build up enthusiasm for the game tomorrow with Queen’s.

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