3069 W.A. McColl’s – III Year – 1951: “…we haven’t found the leak as yet.”

23 Sept 51

Today on church parade the Brigadier kept us all at attention during an inspection in order to accustom us all again to it. A few of the recruits showed signs of wavering and one fainted. The Brig. has been very active lately in turning out on drill parades to watch us go through our paces.

25 Sept 51

Johnny Keane and I have been given another boat for the regatta- an Admiralty dinghy. It requires a lot of work but by today we got her scraped, sanded and varnished. She was leaking and we haven’t found the leak as yet. Calculus is getting impossible again. Oh yes, last Saturday we had a scrimmage with R.C.E.M.E and won 50-0. But they weren’t in good condition and generally were a weak team – our guys might get too confident before we meet a strong team.

28 Sept 51

Johnny Keane and I have been working away on our dinghy and took it out for about 10 minutes practice tonight. That’s all the practice we get for the regatta. The Royal Visit has now been post-poned a week because of the King’s illness but we are still drilling.