3069 W.A. McColl’s – III Year – 1951: “I started off today badly…”


11 Nov 51

Friday night we left for Montreal and one of the best weekends this year. We stayed at RCAF Stn Lachine again and played McGill Saturday afternoon in Molson stadium which was a terrible mud-hole. The boys played a great game and we won 20-0. The ex-cadets threw a beer and oyster party at the Grenadier Guards’ mess after the game and it was a lot of fun. I really didn’t see a great deal of Montreal that night but enjoyed the weekend immensely. The Harriers team did well, coming second in the intercollegiate meet in Montreal, Varsity coming first again this year. The junior soccer team beat T.C.S. 3-0 also over the weekend. I missed seeing Bob Thaleigh who was down for the weekend.

13 Nov 51

I started off today badly – was still not finished shaving when turn-out was blown but got on parade in time with my pajamas on underneath, no socks, and only one or two buttons done up on my shirt. Luckily we weren’t inspected. Inter-squadron soccer started tonight and we beat 2 Sqn by a score of 2-1, Andy Croll and Freddy Joyce getting the goals. I’m on the obstacle course committee this year and we’re doing our best to make it a tough course for the recruits.