3069 W.A. McColl’s – III Year – 1951: “No. 1 squadron is really keen this year!”

1 Dec 51

We finally got the obstacle course finished this morning and the race itself was run at 1130 hours. Our recruits were very keen; they had a meeting to decide on how they would run the course. The net result was that it paid off because they won for the squadrons.

There was one hard obstacle, rope climbing near the end of the course. It proved to be too much because they were all pooped out by the time they got there so that they only had to climb up and down again instead of along the swinging rope. Kirby was one of the four who did complete the whole course as it was planned.

After the course was over, they paraded and hauled up our squadron pennant – Moon Hall on his trumpet, playing “The Saints” and several guys beating waster paper baskets supplied the music. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen for a long time.

Inter-squadron Swimming meet was held tonight; 2 squadron won it and we came third. After the meet there was an informal dance in the gym which turned out to be very enjoyable. We also tied for first place on room inspections this week, the third time in a row – No. 1 squadron is really keen this year!

3 Dec 51

We had a mock fire alarm today and chaos reigned for a short time; we thought it was noon as it came at ten minutes to twelve. Most of the people took some convincing before they would let us out.

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