35 Things that Artsmen would like to see at RMC

With Cadets in the middle of exam routine, along with all the stress that goes with it, we present the following lighthearted gem from THE ARCH November 1988.

35 Things that Artsmen would like to see at RMC


Reference Engineering:

  1. An engineer who programs computers (not a computer that programs engineers)
  2. An attendant to help engineers use Massey’s photocopier
  3. An attendant to help engineers use Massey Library
  4. A commissionaire to help engineers find Massey Library
  5. A radioactivity detector issued for casual wear
  6. Pi resolved (or how we can cut into equal parts)


Reference Academics:

  1. A real underwater basket weaving course
  2. Sharper crayons
  3. Larger print
  4. More pictures
  5. “Mat Mouse cartoons” for history lectures
  6. Thinner briefcases (the manila folder standard)
  7. The option to drop from general history to MOOSE (more rack time!)
  8. Limitations on ink (especially red ink) dispersion
  9. ‘Comfie’ chairs at school
  10. Compulsory study hours (then we’d get some academics in)


Reference Messing:

  1. Stronger coffee (hush coffee?!?-no, sorry Mike!)
  2. Cinnamon toast
  3. Box luches (why should we get up for lunch?)
  4. Fortune cookies for holding noon-meal announcements


Reference Military:

  1. Velcro gaitors
  2. Freedom of the City Pub Crawl
  3. PDP stress management course (optional for MOOSERS)
  4. Sundays off (Saturdays are right on!)
  5. Waterproof scarlets
  6. Less kack and more rack
  7. Cadwin Picture Book


Reference Life:

  1. A college tab at “Sports”
  2. More kye
  3. Longer rowdy hours
  4. Lower lights
  5. Anti-alarm clock program (aren’t they appliances too ?!?)
  6. MIR gold cards saying “life at own pace”
  7. A cure for POTION SICKNESS (ya know what I mean ??)


Art + the Artsmen

One Comment

  • Mitchell MacLeod 13139

    April 24, 2019 at 10:53 am

    For those of a certain vintage, no first year engineering studies when we had no intention of being engineers! I have to wonder what I missed out on by being forced to take Math, Chemistry and Physics, which was a complete waste of time and effort given I went Commerce.