407 Long Range Patrol Squadron’s 70th Anniversary

407 Long Range Patrol Squadron’s 70th Anniversary

Honouring our World War II Veterans

Greetings Bill Oliver

On behalf of 407 Long Range Patrol Squadron’s Demon association I would like to request the assistance of RMC e-Veratis in spreading the word of this important occasion. 407 (LRP) Squadron will be hosting our Squadron’s 70th anniversary which will be taking place the weekend of September 16-18, 2011 in Comox, British Columbia. The event will be focusing on celebrating Demon pride and honouring our World War II veterans. At this moment we would like to discuss our options and deadlines.

The squadron was formed May 8th, 1941 on Thorny Island, England as a strike squadron used to seek out and bomb enemy shipping. Due to the squadron’s tenacity to carry out attacks they were nicknamed the Demons. Later during the War the RAF gave the squadron to Canada. On June 4th 1945, at the end of the war, the squadron was stood down but it rose from the ashes on Dominion Day 1952. With the threat of nuclear attacks from submarines, during the Cold War, the squadron became focused on Anti-Submarine Warfare. Presently the Squadron conducts sovereignty surveillance patrols, coastal patrols, fisheries patrols, Northern patrols, Search and Rescue missions, Drug Interdiction patrols, U.N. sponsored Maritime Interdiction patrols and we will continue to search for submarines.

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