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  • 48 years following grad these ’69 buds’ still doing it right!

48 years following grad these ’69 buds’ still doing it right!

48 years following grad these ’69 buds’ still doing it right!

Beautiful Palm Springs, California was the venue for the 17th Annual Class of ’69 Invitational Golf Week. Hosted by 8074 Doug Smith the gathering took place from 8-13 May at the historic Palm Springs Tennis Club Resort.

The attendees included two first time “rookies” in the persons of 7821 Peter Van Haastrecht and 8065 Brian Paradis. The rookies acquitted themselves well and Peter in particular provided an impromptu lesson in golf equipment maintenance by demonstrating the effectiveness of “gorilla glue” in reattaching the sole of a pair of golf shoes.

Our inestimable leader, 8056 John “The Pole/The Commish” McCormick, (photo left) did his best to emulate 8069 Jack Reid’s 2016 hole-in-one but unfortunately came up what he estimated to be “seven inches” short.

As always, it was a great week of golf, culinary delights, reminiscing and all-around special comradeship. The final crank of the Commish’s computer algorithm revealed that 8061 Bob Morton was once again the golfer of the week. It is noteworthy that he is the only multiple winner over the 17 years of this event. To a man the group is looking forward to the 2018 edition tentatively scheduled for mid-June in the Huntsville, ON area.

Attendees in the feature photo are as follows:

7761 Mike Johnson, 7821 Peter Van Haastrecht, 8034 Michael Gainer, 8117 Doug Ferris, 8034 Brian Fritsch, 8088 Stu Aebig, 8056 John McCormick, 8060 Harry Mohr, 8061 Bob Morton, 8198 Rick Wright, 8074 Doug Smith, 8025 Dennis Dart, 8039 Vaughn Guy, 8069 Jack Reid and 8065 Brian Paradis.

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