4th Years Spend Reading Week Learning French

Not everyone was able to get away to somewhere warm for Reading Week. Those 4th Year Cadets who have yet to attain a BBB second language profile spent Reading Week here at the College working with the French department to improve their language skills with the goal of being certified bilingual prior to Graduation. e-Veritas caught them hard at work this past Tuesday afternoon.


College Staff Take Advantage of Change of Pace

With most of the Cadet gone for Reading Week, College staff took the opportunity to relax a little themselves. Some are still here at the College, taking advantage of some downtime to get work done, others are away on leave, and others are out and about. College Commandant BGen Eric Tremblay, along with the College Adjutant Capt Moise Morrissette and College Chief Warrant Officer CPO1 Keith Davidson, joined the Cadets on the annual Battlefield Tour for the Normandy portion of the trip.

CPO1 Davidson had this to say: “During Reading Week the College CWO will be in France to partake in a portion of the battlefield tour. The primary purpose of this visit to France is to meet with General Antoine Windeck the commandant of l’Écoles de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan. RMCC leadership is taking an active role in meeting with other military academies to better understand the education and training mechanisms utilized in producing officers well educated.”

Articles and Photos by 25366 Mike Shewfelt.

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