600: What former e-V team-members have to say

e-Veritas: What former team-members have to say


Erik St-Gelais

Photography had been a passion of mine as a child, but RMC didn’t initially offer much time for me to enjoy it. Bill and I ended up working out a deal where I did freelance photography for e-Veritas, which allowed me the flexibility to manage my stress as I recovered from depression, yet permitted me to have time to do photography. I would often receive emails from Bill at the oddest hours of the night while I studied in the depths of Sawyer. Sometimes he needed a last minute replacement, or there was an upcoming high profile event that he needed a solid plan for. Over the years, I created many great memories working with e-Veritas, from being a lonely OCdt in a sea of brass, to late nights editing photos to meet his timelines.

One of my fondest memories of working with e-Veritas was when Bill asked me to shoot Bruciepalooza. I remember sitting in his office that Sunday, overlooking the parade square. He was drafting the article detailing the afternoon’s events, writing about the enthusiasm of the crowd when Colin MacDonald (Lead Singer, The Trews) and Gord Sinclair (Bassist, The Tradgically Hip; 2014 RMC Artist in Residence) sang Highway of Heroes, a Trews hit – all before Bruciepalooza had even started. The setup crew was still putting the finishing touches on the stage, conducting sound checks, the crowd slowly gathering. Bill was so on top of his game, his deadline looming at the end time of the concert, that he was actually writing history. That afternoon was an incredible amount of fun as I ran in and out of the Panet House between acts, editing my photos and uploading them for Bill as he worked his magic. That afternoon epitomizes Bill and Rolande, a hardworking and dedicated team.

Congratulations on reaching your 600th issue Bill and Rolande. Moreover, thank you for keeping all the ex-Cadets up to date on the happenings of RMC. While I know recent graduates often take a few years to process their time at the College before wanting to look back, your team is always there to document the College where we spent some of the most character building and important years of our lives. May the future bring more fantastic articles where we can relive our past and remember all the wonderful and not so wonderful times of our College years. I wish you all the best in the future.

26267 Erik St-Gelais


Alex Cushley

Congratulations e-Veritas, Bill and Rolande on publishing your 600th issue!

During the summer of 2008 I had the pleasure of doing an OJT with Bill working on EV. Bill is an excellent mentor and regularly exemplifies fine leadership qualities. I was able to learn quite a bit that summer, but was also challenged by interesting projects (and by Bill on the tennis court).  Some of the highlights from that summer included conducting interviews with varsity coaches, researching and writing an article on the incoming CDS General Walt Natynczyk, interviewing former RMC Commandant 2816 Major-General (ret) W.W. Turner. I have been happy to see EV continue to produce high quality, informative articles over the years and look forward to future issues. Keep up the great work!

23996 Alex Cushley


Carmen Kiltz

Wow…600 issues already!? I sound surprised but really, it’s no surprise at all that, through Bill and Rolande’s work, e-Veritas has reached such a number of successful and in-depth issues. My time with e-Veritas during the summer of 2016 as a writer was a wonderful opportunity that I certainly had not been expecting. Bill welcomed me with open arms and displayed a kind of leadership which allowed me to thrive and even gain an interest in an environment which I was not used to. I was able to meet and speak with many inspirational people and write passionately about subjects that interested me in context with RMC and the military.

I came to note that Bill was the exact model of what it meant to be passionate about something. Both Bill and Rolande continue to dedicate an enormous amount of time to e-Veritas to the benefit of its readers. Congratulations on the success of e-Veritas and I do not doubt that it will continue into the future!
27182 Carmen Kiltz


Curtis Maynard

Congratulations on Issue #600 to Bill & Rolande Oliver as well as the rest of the team at e-Veritas. I remember from my brief stay with them all the interesting hours, the amount of effort, and the co-ordination required to always ensure a quality product be released on time. Whether it was editing and uploading photos at 3am the night before release or a 5am e-mail from Mr. Oliver with last minute changes to the layout, we always managed to come out with a polished, finished product. The hours aren’t always typical and the days aren’t always easy, but still we managed to always pull it together. I would like to thank them for all of the great friends and amazing memories I made during my time there.

26352 Cpl. Curtis Maynard, Avionics Technician, 12 Wing Shearwater 


Josh Siu

Congratulations on making #600! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to connect ex-Cadets, staff, and present Cadets in such a elegant, timely, and professional way. This has definitely helped to strengthen the RMC community.

While I was helping with e-Veritas at RMC, it really gave me the opportunity to feel like I was making a difference, even as an OCdt. While helping with a reunion one day, I even got an opportunity to meet an ex-Cadet who was exactly 20,000 college numbers before me (7079 Cliff Williams)!

Thanks again the work you’ve done, Bill and team!

27079 Josh Siu


Maurice Smart

Bill & Rolande:

Congratulations on reaching #600 e-Veritas! I have many fond memories of my time working there, whether it was assisting on articles for online publication, involvement in many wonderful events from Reunion Weekends to the book launch and sales of Dr. David Baird’s: Physics at RMC, The First 125 Years (1876 to 2001) or having the good fortune to work with and get to know so many amazing people that work tirelessly behind the scenes to achieve such excellence. A truly rewarding experience I cherish of my time at RMC. Congratulations again and all my best for the future.

M1013 Maurice Smart


Mike Shewfelt

I spent just under a year and a half working for e-Veritas and that time was definitely the high point of my College career. I don’t think you would have called any of us professionals but we consistently put out a publication that was exactly that. What I’ll always remember is the occasional late hours in Bill’s office, bouncing ideas off each other and trying to make that week’s edition just a little bit better than the one before. It’s a tribute to the dedication of Bill & Rolande and all those who have worked with them that e-V continues to be the success that it is. Here’s to another 600 editions!

25366 Mike Shewfelt


Kai Zhao

Bill & Rolande

Congratulations on the 600th issue of e-Veritas! Your dedication and hard work is both inspirational and readily evident in each new issue.

I am grateful to have been part of this journey during my years at the college; covering important college events such as parades and special presentations. Even more were the wonderful people I was able to work with, especially Dan Ryan. I think my favourite story to tell till this day is still the time that I taught you what is a selfie!

Hahha great memories! Congratulations again and may the press remain rolling for many years to come!

26549 Kai Zhao


I have very fond memories of working for Bill and Rolande during my second year at RMC as a photo editor and contributor. I remember being struck by how devoted they were to ensuring that each week, without fail, another Issue would be ready to publish. I was really inspired by their dedication back then (2011), and it seems that nothing has changed, seeing as how I am writing this to congratulate Bill & Rolande and their team on reaching 600 issues!

Congratulations to you both, and thank you for everything.

26173 Emily Morgan


Dan Fleming

Greetings Bill, Rolande and the e-Veritas team. Congratulations on your 600th issue! What an amazing achievement, one that certainly makes me pause and reflect on my own time working in Panet House near the tail-end of my RMC career in 2010-2011. This publication is such a convenient and accessible way for current and ex-cadets to keep their finger on the pulse of College life and I am very proud to have played a small part all those years ago. As a novice photographer, I attended more events in that year than I had in all of my previous years. These included varsity games, meetings between the Commandant and top foreign military officials, guest speakers like Chris Hadfield, academic events and many more. I was often pushed way outside my comfort zone to get the right shots, and while doing so developed a unique appreciation for all that the College has to offer. It has to be said that my time working for the tireless Bill Oliver and all those that I met along the way had a huge impact on me and played a big role in my development as an officer. I wish you all the best and long may e-Veritas continue to shine a light on life at the Royal Military College.

24487 Dan Fleming



  • Stephanie Ochej

    May 28, 2018 at 12:40 pm

    Congratulations on issue 600, Bill and Rolande! I so enjoyed my time conducting ex-cadet interviews for e-Veritas. It was such a pleasure to get to speak with highly professional, accomplished, interesting people on a regular basis. They had such great stories, it made me we wish I had gone to RMC! Congratulations again — here’s to another 600 issues!