6513 John Bart Awards Dinner


6513 John Bart Awards Dinner 15 October 2016

In 2000, the late 6513 John Bart, Class of 1965 visited the Royal Military College on his 35th Reunion to watch the obstacle course and was impressed with the teamwork amongst the Cadets. Thus he decided to create an endowment with two awards named the 6513 Captain John Bart Leadership Award, and the 6513 Captain John Bart Teamwork Award.

The 6513 John Bart Teamwork Award is presented to the winning flight of the obstacle course and includes a private dinner with Mrs. Mary Bart, the Commandant and other senior staff members, as well as a personal memento to each Cadet recognizing their accomplishment.  A donation is presented to the Commandant on behalf of the winning team for his use in Leadership development activities for the Cadet Wing.

The John Bart Leadership Award is presented to a first year cadet in each flight, other than the winning flight, who demonstrates the highest level of leadership during the College’s Obstacle Course Competition.  A cash prize of $2500 is provided to the recipients.  The winners are encouraged to apply the cash prize to any activity, event or organization that contributes to his/her further education or development as a leader; supports a College organization such as a SQN, Flight, Club, Team, or research/project group; contributes to any other purpose within the objects of the RMC Foundation, or otherwise advances his/her well-being.

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The first year orientation period (FYOP) transforms a group of individuals into a cohesive and determined team. FYOP introduces the first year Officer Cadets to life at the college and the expectations of a first year. Furthermore, the first years are taught the importance of the CAF values and the values of the RMC motto: Truth, Duty and Valour. They are taught how to become a team and how to think about the team before themselves. The FYOP staff also teaches them the requirements to be a good leader. The most effective way of teaching this is to lead by example. These 4 weeks are crucial in the development of these first years as it is their first glimpse of what it takes to be a team and a leader and set the tone for the rest of their careers.

Cadet Perspectives:

The 6513 John Bart Teamwork Dinner is an annual event celebrating the winners of the obstacle course and the top first years from each flight. 5 Squadron achieved victory for the third year in a row, cementing its place at the top of the Cadet Wing! I, OCdt Hyland, 27169, CSL 5, was lucky enough to be the master of ceremonies for this dinner. We were blessed to have Mrs. Mary Bart in our presence—whose late husband, John Bart, is the founder of the endowment and dinner. Without the Bart Family support this celebration would not exist.

Cadets and staff had the opportunity to interact with the Commandant and special guests before the dinner and after the awards ceremony. Brigadier-General Friday spoke after the dinner and reiterated the importance of staying together as a team. He explained that the true winners of the obstacle course were those who saw the invaluable need for leadership and perseverance. Rod McDonald, Executive Vice-President of the RMC Foundation, briefly spoke to the Cadets and focused on congratulations and noting how many teams, activities, and events the RMC Foundation supports thought the generosity of its donors. The constant support and donations from the RMC Foundation is one of the many elements of the RMC experience that will continue to have immense value to the Cadets and staff both during their years at RMCC and as they move forward in their careers. – OCdt Hyland, 27169, CSL 5

Le Bart Dinner et la course à obstacles auront et ont déjà eu un grand impact sur ma façon de voir le leadership. Premièrement le fait de rencontrer et de parler aux leader de l’école est très impressionnant et inspirants. De plus, lors de la course à obstacles voir nos staffs ainsi que les leaders de l’escadrilles pousser l’équipe à son meilleur montre que aspirer à être un leader qui prêche par l’exemple et l’effort est la meilleure option.  Elof Émilie Harvey-Moreau

“I enjoyed the Bart dinner because I felt as if I was integrated and introduced officially to the RMCC culture. Also, I had the opportunity to speak with high ranking officials such as the Commandant and it was an opportunity to celebrate with my flight in a formal manner. The obstacle course itself truly pushed me past my limits and made me realize that there is no plateau. I believe that this experience will create further incentives to achieve a higher level of leadership while continuing to push my limits both physically and mentally.” – OCdt Baclayanto

“From taking part in FYOP and completing the obstacle course I learned how important leadership can be to get your team through a challenge; In regards to that, the Bart awards proved to me that the leadership skills developed now will follow you in the remainder of your career and your life. Throughout the dinner I witnessed the happiness that a legacy of leadership can contribute to the Officer Cadets of your own generation and the generations to come. I am immeasurably thankful for getting the opportunity to take part in these events.”- NCdt Bickel

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