6560 Andrew Nellestyn: Quotes From Famous Military Leaders

Editor’s Note: The following is taken from the chapter “Marshall of the Royal Air Force The Viscount Trenchard,” by Gavin Lyall, from “The War Lords,” Edited by Michael Carver.

Of Air Marshall Trenchard it was said: Men who can make others do miracles are often hard task masters. Thus he built the first independent air service and thereby founded the RAF.

Of those he sought as members of the RAF he said:

We want the mathematical genius – there is work for him. We want the literary genius – there is work for him, especially in my office. We want the scientific brain – there is more than enough work for him. We want the man of brains and we want the man of common sense and little brain.

We want the man of initiative and the man of action, the methodical man and even the crank. We open our ranks widely to all.