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8816 Marius Grinius: “South China Sea and the New Great Game”

New Policy Paper: “South China Sea and the New Great Game”

by 8816 Marius Grinius

The Canadian Global Affairs Institute recently released, “South China Sea and the New Great Game”.

This study, by CGAI Fellow 8816 Marius Grinius, argues that in the current “Great Game” of global power posturing, the South China Sea plays a significant role. China’s ambitions have presented challenges at many levels. Territorial disputes threaten peace and stability, and build-up and deployments limit freedom of navigation.  Diplomatic actions, including open disdain of UNCLOS proceedings and divisive tactics in ASEAN, also propagate the perception of China as the ‘neighbourhood bully’. Fears exist, that if tensions continue to rise, a military clash between China and the US may be the result.


With China being Canada’s #2 trading partner, and with possibilities of future Free-Trade Agreements in the region, the author argues that is it in Canada’s best interest to ensure the South China Sea remains open and stable. To do so, the paper concludes that Canada should contribute by participating in multinational maritime exercises and by renewing its diplomatic interests and involvement in Track Two dialogue.

The complete report, “South China Sea and the New Great Game”, is available online at:  


The Op-Ed, “Will it be war in the South China Sea?,” was published by iPolitics at:


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