A Fitting End to a Great Reunion Weekend

A Fitting End to a Great Reunion Weekend


Summer like weather once again was the order of the day for the Sunday March to the Memorial Arch and back.

Like most events held outside, the weather sets the tone. This year was no different. Beautiful weather = beautiful people having an enjoyable time.

Overall a very good turnout from a good cross section of Ex cadets from the 1950s right up to and including 2008.

The route included a pass by the Wall of Honour and eventually ended up at the Arch pretty well right on time.  8457 Rev Paul Robinson, RMC Club Honourary Chaplain performed his usual stellar performance and set the tone with for solemnity of the occasion.

Incoming President of the Club, 12059, Jacques Gagne was commander of the parade.  Back on the parade square, a  hearty group of cadets were waiting.

The MCs under the leadership of 24424  Captain B.A. (Brendan) Kilburn were sharp and very professional. Both 26015 OCdt Justin Hanlon and 25638 Élof Catherine Houle were flawless in their delivery. Unlike the day before at the Badging Parade, they could be heard loud and clear. The only complaint was the presentations were in the centre of the Parade Square and most spectators had their view blocked. It must be mentioned, that the spectators, were invited to walk on to the parade square for a better view. Very few accepted the offer. Which was okay.

Also, these three presentations were short and to the point.

The Captain Nichola Goddard Memorial Sword is presented to the Cadet deemed to be the best ROTP artillery cadet entering fourth year. 22458 Captain Goddard, who graduated in 2002, was killed in action serving her country in Afghanistan on the 17th of May 2006. Her professionalism, exceptional leadership, and love for life will not be forgotten.

The Sword was presented by H17417 Honourary Colonel. Judge John Ross Matheson, OC, CD. He was escorted by his son, LCol (ret) Rod Matheson, who is also a gunner. In addition, they were accompanied by the senior serving gunner in the Canadian Forces, 13337 LGen Stuart Beare, CMM, MSC, MSM, CD.

L’épée est présenté à: 25832 Élof Kyle Erik Nielsen.

The Captain Matthew Dawe Memorial Sword is presented annually by the Dawe family to the Cadet deemed to be the best ROTP combat arms cadet entering fourth year. 22596 Captain Dawe, who graduated in 2004, was killed in action in Afghanistan on the 4th of July 2007. Capt. Dawe was an outstanding officer and his many qualities serve as an excellent role model to any junior leader.

The sword was presented by the Dawe family comprising his father S150 LCol (Ret’d) Peter Dawe Sr and his mother Reine, his wife 22621 Tara and his son Lucas.

It was awarded to: 25981 OCdt Megan Jane Couto.

Jacques Gagne  presented the Pijper Cup, which was donated by the Class of 1980 in memory of 12602 Thomas A Pijper, to the overall winner of the Ex-cadet vs Cadet sports challenge on Reunion Weekend.

The overall winners this year were the Cadets. Winning both (M) & (W) volleyball and a tie in hockey against the Old Brigade  – Class of ’68. Ex Cadets dominated in rugby  25 – 7.

 7643 Larry Cassie Class of 1968 – founder of the Old Brigade team was called upon to accept the trophy and pass it over to the Cadet Wing Sport Officer – 26209 Officer Cadet Nicholas Lightbody.

What a few people had to say about the weekend:

Gordon Smith, Class’ 54

“Very nice, I like the reunion very well and Craig did very well. I hope to come back to RMC in three years time.”

 Jeff Upton, Class ’55

“Had a great time especially enjoyed the band, brought back memories of country dancing days.”

 Mike Mores, Class of ’63

“Great opportunity to see your friends again.”

 Anne Wallace, wife to ex-cadet 3347 R. Wallace, Class of ’55

“Very much so. It was lovely, especially the weather and catching up with friends.”

3347 R. Wallace, Class of ’55

“I liked the badging parade.”

 3462 Chris Smith, Class of ’55

“I like seeing all my friends, getting the old guys together.”

3426 George Richardson, Class of ’55

“It’s wonderful seeing our old friends again, including the wies!”

 3378 Lorne Smith, Class of ’55

“I enjoyed the weekend immensely, especially the church parade, when the old farts from 1 squadron were way ahead and had to wait for the rest.”

Marge Gallinger, husband to ex-cadet 3409 Ralph Gallinger, Class of ’55

“I like seeing the strong, strong bond that keeps these men together as more than friends, an even stronger bond than family that seems to grow with the years, and also the loyalty to the college and it’s traditions.”

More photos from the Sunday Parade