A must read for loved ones of cadets completing the obstacle course race


Colonel Chris Ayotte

First of all, for family & friends, who are not already aware, and will be  visiting RMC on Friday, 29 Sep to view the obstacle race and other weekend events are reminded that the Director of Cadets, Colonel Chris Ayotte will be making a presentation in Currie Hall at 11 AM.

A different look to the obstacle course race


The 2017 version of the RMC time honoured obstacle course race will have a different look than in recent years.

Instead of a ‘shot-gun’ start where each team starts at the same time – but at a different obstacle – this time around it will be a staggered start.

It all happens this coming friday – 29 Sep, starting at 1330 hrs – formalities will get underway on the parade square.

The main event (obstacle course race) will start at 1340.

The staggered format works as follows: the lead-off team (flight) will leave at 1340 and subsequent flights will leave at 8 min intervals thereafter 1348, 1356, 1404, 1412, 1420, 1428, etc.

The order of march is determined by each flight’s performance on the Warrior Race, Regatta and the Director of Cadets (DCdts) inspection. At the time of this writing – the DCdts inspection had not been held.

The official lineup for the 2017 obstacle course race:

Report Times
SQN Start On deck In Bullpen
12 1340 N/A N/A
5 1348 1340 N/A
10 1356 1348 1340
2 1404 1356 1348
8 1412 1404 1356
9 1420 1412 1404
7 1428 1420 1412
1 1436 1428 1420
3 1444 1436 1428
6 1452 1444 1436
11 1500 1452 1444
4 1508 1500 1452

Also, on the big day, announcements will be made throughout to indicate start times for each flight.

Spectators including family & friends should dress for the weather and ensure that they have comfortable footwear – a type of running shoe should be good.

As the flights finish, they will ring the bell (in front of the Frigate) and immediately proceed to the rugby field where they will be presented with their college coins by members of the Old Brigade.

There will be no formal parade at the end and flights will be immediately dismissed after receiving their coins.  If there are no ‘surprises’ the first flight should be complete at 1510, last flight at 1638.

If everything goes according to plan and ‘Murphy’s Law’ doesn’t kick-in everything should be done in just over three hours.

We wish the contestants and the organizers the best of luck…and hope for good weather.

Scores for the Obstacle Course is based on time it takes to complete the event. 

Q&A with Capt A.D. Stymiest

What is your role(s) as the supervising officer for the 2017 obstacle course?

My role as the supervising officer for the 2017 obstacle course is to mentor the FYOP 2IC (an officer cadet) in the execution of the obstacle course. At RMC, the expectation is that all OCdts leave here able to lead; therefore, execution of tasks is there responsibility and the role of the training wing is to provide direction and guidance which is drawn from our experience. In other words, we guide them towards success.

2.What was the reason / motivation for changing from a shot-gun start to a staggered start?

The reasoning behind the change was to give every first year going through the Obstacle Course the exact same experience. As the obstacle course is a competition, this means every flight will experience the Obstacle Course in the same way; thus, it is more fair.

Also, we wanted the focus to be on the Cadets themselves and the people their to watch them whether it be parents, family, etc. This format is easier for the spectators to follow.

3. As an Ex Cadet which type did you do as a recruit? How many I year flights were there in those days?

The year I did the Obstacle Course, we ran a shotgun start; however, I’ve seen it done both ways and prefer the staggered start for the reasons given in Para 2. When I ran the Obstacle Course in 2006, there were only ten squadrons, plus Otter Squadron, at RMC; thus, only ten first year flights ran the obstacle course. I also believe there were only ten Obstacles, now there are twelve.

4. When you were in II, III & IV Year what type of obstacle course did the I Years do?

II year and III year it was a staggered start and then in IV year they went to a shotgun start. In my II year, RMC grew to thirteen squadrons; however, it has since gone down to twelve.

5. What in your opinion is the biggest advantage in doing the staggered start?

The biggest advantage is it becomes more of a spectacle for participants and spectators.