A ton of stuff happening on the peninsula…

Feature photo: (L) Brigadier-General Sébastien Bouchard and his spouse Ms Karine Cayer at the Garden Party; (R) Colonel Chris Ayotte during the DCdt FYOP inspection.


For anyone who attended, served and or worked at RMC all are well aware of how hectic and busy things are on the peninsula this time of year.

Late September and a week before Reunion weekend aka Ex Cadet Weekend.

Following are just a few of the highlights that transpired over the past week or so – on the grounds or away taking care of business.

Bring it on!


Cmdt’s Leadership Garden Party /le Leadership  Garden Party du Cmdt

Last Thursday, 21 Sep was the Annual Leadership Garden Party held at the Commandant’s residence. The late summer weather was beautiful and added a great deal to the happy and relaxed atmosphere which prevailed throughout the two hour event.

The gracious hosts, of course, were Brigadier-General Sébastien Bouchard and his spouse Ms Karine Cayer both just recently settling into 6 Merritt Drive.

A good mixture of leadership from the college was in attendance including cadets, faculty, civilian and military staff from almost every corner of the college.

In addition, former staff members and local dignitaries from the local area all enjoyed the comradery and social setting.

Indeed a very special event on the RMC calendar.

Le Leadership Garden Party du Cmdt

Jeudi dernier, le 21 septembre a eu lieu le Garden Party de Leadership annuel  à la résidence du Commandant. Le beau temps de fin d’été a ajouté à l’ambiance chaleureuse et détendue  de l’évènement de deux heures.

Les hôtes accueillants étaient, bien sûr, le brigadier-général Sébastien Bouchard et son épouse Mme Karine Cayer qui viennent de s’installer au 6 Merritt Drive.

Il y avait une bonne représentation de la direction du Collège y compris cadets, professeurs, personnel civil et militaire.

De plus, les anciens fonctionnaires et dignitaires de la région ont  apprécié la camaraderie et l’atmosphère chaleureuse.

En effet, un évènement très spécial au CMR.


Garden Party 2017: The perspective from an Officer Cadet

Article by: 27472 OCdt (IV) Eliza Bruce,  CWBO, e-Veritas correspondent

What better way to hail in a new academic season and create the bonds of connection and sociability necessary to open lines of communication and coherency between the cadet wing and the military/civilian faculty and staff at the college, than by a friendly neighbourhood get-together hosted by RMC’s new Commandant, BGen Bouchard, at his place of residence on campus.

The Commandant kindly opened the doors of his home/historical monument, and alongside the welcoming presence of his family, joined in sharing talk, food, laughter, drinks, and college/military talk with both cadets and staff members.

It was almost as if no one wanted to leave!

There were small group tours given of the Commandant’s stone house and it’s significant artifacts and structural background, and the entirety of the garden party took place in the front yard.

Given so many of the changes to staffing and command at the college this year, it was a marvelous opportunity to interact with the new leadership of the college in a semi-informal mode, so conversation was never wanting as folks were introduced or reconnecting after summer training and a first, very busy month of FYOP/school.

Those present at the party included representatives from the squadron staff, professors, college board, military instructors, public affairs of the college, the command teams from both the cadet and staffing sides, and various other officer cadets from squadron, wing, and other college involvements.

A huge hit among those present, is was a perfect way to unwind and be re-assured that things really will continue to change for the better so long as the cadets and staff maintain a communicative and strong working relationship.

An outsider’s view of the Garden Party

       Steph Ochej

Last thursday evening I had the privilege of attending the commandant’s garden party. This was especially neat for me as I am truly an outsider at the college — I’m not a current or ex-cadet and I’m not on staff. I have spent a little time around the college growing up as my grandparents are quite involved there, but rarely have I had a chance to experience an insiders’ event such as this.

What surprised me the most about the event was how pleasantly casual it was. As someone with little prior knowledge about the event other than that it would be held at the commandant’s—a very important person at RMC—residence, I must admit I expected it to be a little stuffy.

However, Brigadier General Bouchard and his spouse, Ms Karine Cayer – the mother of their four children, made all of the guests feel extremely comfortable and welcome, including myself.

Almost as soon as we arrived Karine came over to greet us and took a genuine interest in my background. It made me feel quite at home when I could have been a fish out of water for the entire party.

Other highlights of the event included chatting with all kinds of interesting people from all backgrounds within RMC and the CAF, and having the pleasure of touring the historic Commandant’s Residence.

All in all, it was a very pleasant evening, even for an outsider like me!

Steph Ochej – granddaughter of Bill & Rolande Oliver

More photos from the Garden party may be found –here


Big guns make surprise visit to O.U.F.

Article by: 27472 OCdt (IV) Eliza Bruce, CWBO, e-Veritas correspondent

There is no more effective way of becoming firm in a conviction than having to persuade someone else that what you’re talking about is really something unique and fascinating.

This is the case with pitching the concept of RMC to A) people who no idea how it differs from the average university, or B) come ready with notes and questions about RMC’s advantages or weaknesses.

Never have those of us that took part on this weekend’s pitching efforts at the Ontario University Fair—in conjunction with representatives from the Toronto recruitment branch and the Liaison Office from RMC—had to think so critically about how being at RMC has risen above our initial expectations before.

Reliving the same experience we ended up helping countless others through, served to reaffirm why it is we joined the military, and why we wanted to come to RMC.

I thought it was encouraging to see the wide-spread diversity of interests, personality, and abilities of applicant candidates that came to the RMC University display throughout the weekend.

As the cadets placed on this year’s OUF campaign team, we had been briefed on examples of questions and appropriate responses, various degrees of information, and how to reference the expertise of the other recruitment, registrar, faculty, and liaison members present with us.

On Friday, one of these voices of expertise arrived in the form of the commandant, BGen Bouchard himself, who came to the fair alongside CCWO CWOHoegi and the Principal, Dr. Kowal to show support to the efforts of the RMC staff present, and lend some of their own.

I can only hope some of the people who stopped by with interest appreciated how the leadership of RMC is far from a hands-off approach!

By the end we all agreed that our positivity towards the college had soared, once again realizing what a truly great opportunity and experiences we have been privileged to own as part of the RMC family.

I know that if I was to come back for Reunion Weekend next year, I would see some of the eager, high-achieving, keen individuals I met this weekend at the obstacle course.


As mentioned previously there is much going on these days. Following in photos are just a few:

                         DCdt FYOP Inspection

More photos from the DCdt inspectionHere


                             ALOY obstacle course

ALOY Cadets ran the obstacle course from 0615 to 0730hrs this past Friday. The purpose of this exercise was to use the obstacle course as a venue to test their physical and mental resilience.  Through this adversity, ALOY Cadets would be challenged both individually and as a group.  This challenge would further develop the confidence and cohesion of the members of ALOY.

The obstacle course ALOY completed is the exact same one done which will be done by FYOP first years since coming Friday.

More photos from the ALOY obstacle course – Here


Confident lookin’ IV Years takin’ on the obstacle course (Dry run)

The IV year dry run is an annual event which occurs one week prior to the annual FYOP Obstacle Course. The purpose of the Dry Run is to give the Fourth Years the opportunity to run the Obstacle Course again with fellow cadets who they went through FYOP with.

It is also used as a test run to confirm the safety and functionality of the Obstacle Course, all of which is built by II year cadets. This gives the second years a week to make any changes required to the obstacle course and also ensure that it will work come the actual day the I years are to run it.

More photos from the IV Year Dry run of the obstacle course – Here


Recent results:

(M) Soccer:

Sat 23 Sep – Trent 1 @ RMC 1

Sun 24 Sep – UOIT 4 @ RMC 0

(W) Soccer:

Sat 23 Sep – Trent 2 @ RMC 0

Sun 24 Sep – UOIT 4 @ RMC 0

 (M) Rugby:

 Sat 23 Sep – Toronto 15 @ RMC 42


(M) Soccer:

30 Sep Toronto @ RMC – Navy Bay 3:15

1 Oct   Ryerson @ RMC –  Navy Bay 3:15

(W) Soccer:

30 Sep Toronto @ RMC – Navy Bay 3:15

1 Oct   Ryerson @ RMC –  Navy Bay 3:15

(M) Rugby:

30 Sep Western @ RMC – Inner Field 3:00

See more sports news at OUA


Red & White Sports Reunion Weekend

Men’s rugby (1300hrs), and men’s and women’s volleyball (1400hrs) are hosting alumni games vs. OCdts on Saturday afternoon.

Fencing is having an Open House in the Old Gym from 1330-1430hrs.

The other varsity teams (hockey, men’s and women’s soccer) are not hosting any alumni games on RWE.

The Old Brigade will be playing a team of OCdts (2nd Years) at 1330hrs.  I don’t have confirmation on the Competitive Club events as of yet, but it seemed like sailing, running and possibly TKD were each going to be hosting something on the Saturday afternoon.

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