All About College Numbers & Being in the Right Place at the Right Time!

In this issue, I saw a picture of one of my course mates (pilot course 7304), 9835 Jim Reith, having a drink with two of the participants of the GNCTR in Vancouver.

I noticed from the list of participants that 25835 OCdt Burgos, according to the College number tradition, owed 160 beers to Jim. I was wandering that if the beer that Jim is holding in his hand was the first of several beers that he collected from OCdt Burgos that evening…


9592 Claude Perras

The Reply…

Yes we did realize that night upon sharing college numbers that I did owe a large amount of beer to Jim. We cam to an agreement that those beers will be given over time and the next time I head over to Vancouver. It was a shock really, it’s rare that you find someone with the same last two!


25835 Adrian Burgos


  • 9592 Claude Perras

    February 11, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Reference 25835 OCdt Burgos owing many beers to 9835 Jim Reith. Adrian: if Jim made an arrangement with you that evening to collect over time, he tricked you since I understand that the rules are for the settlement to occur in a single event, i.e. if Jim collected and drank only a dozen beers or so that evening, too bad for him. To note that Jim was the fastest “chugalugger” on pilot course 7304!


    9592 Claude Perras

  • Dean Black

    February 11, 2013 at 10:59 pm

    In my 4th year we held a reception during the ex-cadet weekend. Everyone wandered over to the Cadet Mess, across the highway. While standing at the bar I met Mr. T. Arnold P. Eyre, P.Eng., No. 3277. I will never forget it because he asked me for my college number (13077). He knew the tradition, but rather than request the 98 beer I owed him, he settled for two (one for him and one for his classmate standing beside him). Every now and then I raise a pint and remember Mr. Eyre. I know he is still around, and it would great to run into him, again.