ALOY Cadets Learn Practical Skills

This Week in ALOY

Article and photos by 28230 OCdt Victoria Pierrot

The semester has ended and ALOY’s military training has picked up. This week ALOY spent their days learning navigation skills in the classroom and rifle drill on the parade square. As per usual, on Thursday, Elder Bernard Nelson visited ALOY for their weekly smudge and cultural afternoon. This week they drummed and sang in preparation for Sunset Parade. All the effort this week ended with practical experience navigating around campus. And this weekend Ex White Moose will be conducted on CFB Kingston. This exercise puts ALOY’s newly learned skills to the test in a new environment outside of the RMC peninsula.

Next week, ALOY will begin canoe training in preparation of the week-long canoe trip that puts all their learned skills to the test.

For more photos please see here.