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ALOY Program Takes Off: It’s been a month at school; cadets continue to impress

The ALOY Program Takes Off: It’s been a month at school, and ALOY cadets continue to impress

Article by: 27279 OCdt (III) Anna Dillman

The Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY) program has been running for just over two months on the RMC campus, and already the program has seen a substantial amount of growth and a high level of performance from the candidates.

This year the program accepted 25 candidates – a whopping 50% more than the previous year- from all of the provinces and territories, making it the most diverse group the program has ever seen. In addition to the substantial numbers the program has received, the candidates themselves are some of the most prepared: half of the candidates have previous military training, about a third are bilingual, and half of them have been placed in higher level math courses.

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At the very least, this group is the strongest team the program has seen.

In addition to the high performance, the 2016-2017 ALOY group is very enthusiastic about college activities and cultural events.

During the Harrier Race, ALOY for the first time was able to run with their flag, and the esprit de corps was like no other.

About a week later ALOY visited the Army Advanced Land Warfare Center and were able to jump out of the MOC training tower.

Everyone -even those who were terrified of heights- challenged themselves and jumped out of the tower, proving to themselves that nothing is impossible.

Furthermore, ALOY attended their first Powwow in Curve Lake, and have partaken in their first cultural sweat lodge.

In such a small gap of time, the program has done so many activities, and with each new challenge, the group rises to come them over.

The team has accomplished so much in such a short time; it will be interesting to see what they do next.