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Army and Navy meet Air Force: RMC Cadets heading to USAFA


Army and Navy meet Air Force: RMC Cadets heading to USAFA

Article and photo of the two cadets by: 27182 Officer Cadet (IV) Carmen Kiltz

In less than a month Officer Cadets Gavin Omand (photo right) and Kenneth Sloggett (photo left)are headed to USAFA (United States Air Force Academy) for an exchange semester full of learning, adventures, and opportunity. Officer Cadet Omand is entering his third year at the college in Business Administration, and hopes to become a Maritime Surface and Sub-Surface (MARS) officer. At the college he is involved in the Sandhurst Team and the Expedition Club. OCdt. Sloggett, also entering his third year at the college, studies Military and Strategic Studies (MSS) and is training for a career in the infantry. Both cadets are involved in activities around the college; OCdt Omand is a member of the RMCC Sandhurst Team, which won first place at this year’s competition at West Point, and is vice president of the RMC Expedition Club. OCdt Sloggett plays for the RMC Rugby team.


The United States Airforce Academy is located just north of Colorado Springs and the campus and facilities cover over 73 square kilometers. Most recently in the 2015 Fall Semester, Officer Cadet Alexandre Palardy was sent to represent RMC at this prestigious academy. He took advantage of the campus facilities and gained insight into the workings of another nation’s officer training. He emitted a charismatic spirit at the academy and was well respected by students and staff alike.

In preparation for departure, our new Officer Cadet representatives are excited for the opportunities to come. For activities on campus, Officer Cadet Sloggett is looking forward to participating in the various activities they have to offer, including golf and horseback riding. He is also excited for the opportunity to see the NCAA football team play. Off campus, Officer Cadet Sloggett is eager to explore the surrounding mountainous area and follow his interests in watching the NFL and NBA in Denver, Colorado.

Officer Cadet Omand is interested in the prospect of training with the USAFA Sandhurst team, as well as taking advantage of the numerous courses offered on campus. The basic parachuting course and open water scuba diving courses are at the top of his list.

Coming from different elements of the military, I popped the question as to why a Navy and Army Cadet would choose to attend an Air Force Academy.

Officer Cadet Omand highlighted the fact that “no entity works by itself.” You may be in the Navy or Army, but on several occasions during your career, you will find that each element, although distinguished as independent, supports and relies on the other elements in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Both students feel that it is important to gain perspective on how other countries and elements train their officers, as well as understanding how other operations and trades work. In essence, they feel that it is beneficial to “understand the roles of joint operations.”

Whatever opportunities present themselves at the academy, I am certain that Officer Cadets Omand and Sloggett will gain positive learning experiences. Good luck and enjoy!