Army Mess Dinner

Army Mess Dinner

The Army cadets of the class of 2016 celebrated their mess dinner this past Tuesday, the 22nd of March, at the Senior Staff Mess. Accompanying the cadets were 14 guests, some of them part of the training wing, others coming from as far as Ottawa. The guest of honour was the Commander of the Canadian Army, #12966 Lieutenant-General Marquis Hainse, who spoke to the cadets about their future experiences as Second-Lieutenants. Other important guests included a former Commandant of RMCC (1982-85), #3572 Major-General Frank Norman (ret), and the current Commandant, #16855 Brigadier-General Sean Friday.


The dinner was preceded and followed by a “meet and greet” reception in which the attendees had a chance to interact with each other. The dinner itself was of a respectful and humorous atmosphere. As always, some distracted cadets’ place cards were passed on to the PMC with various requests, resulting in entertaining presentations.

Overall, the dinner left the soon to be ex-cadets with a better understanding of Army traditions and the conduct of mess dinners. The diverse range of military occupations in attendance also gave the cadets a preview of the life and challenges that await them in just a few months. Although they recognize that the next stage of their careers will be difficult, they feel well prepared by their time at the College.

26655 OCdt (IV) Blair-Jimenez – 5 Squadron

Army Mess dinner photos by OCdt St-Gelais- more here