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Aspiring pilot learning the A,B,Cs of flying: No life like it!

Caption: Just another day serving his country…note Halifax  in the background

 26888 Robin Geerkens – learning the A,B,Cs of flying in Greenwood

Article by: 27371 OCdt (IV) Allyssa Millie

Allyssa Milles

Robin Geerkens, class of 2017, graduated with a degree in computer science and math.

As a pilot, Geerkens is currently serving in Greenwood NS, awaiting training. He will complete his phase 2 in Moose Jaw, and then phase 3 in Portage-la-prairie.

Although he says that Greenwood is very different from Kingston, he is finding new ways to spend his time. “There are no big cities nearby, so you really have to find your own fun. However, I am enjoying the beautiful trails in the Maritimes.”

Looking back, Geerkens’ best memories of being at the college were during Grad week, and Grad ball in particular. He enjoyed spending the night with the many friends he gained over the past 4 years. RMC has prepared him for the start of his career. He believes that by coming to the college he learned how to better deal with bureaucracy in the forces, and how to be comfortable with the chain of command.

Although he had a few difficult times during his time at RMC, he says that he is glad to have persevered through it. He misses the city of Kingston, and being close to his friends, but is looking forward to the future. Some advice he would like to give to future grads is not to take everything too seriously, and not to be afraid to make mistakes.

Even without any immediate family in the military, Geerkens has always had lots of support on his choice to join. “Both of my parents are extremely supportive of me and have helped me in countless ways since I joined the military.”

Geerkens is looking forward to completing his flying training and getting posted to a unit with flying duties.