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“At RMC they get it right”

Article by: Kommy Farahani

So was the sentiment expressed by Brigadier General Bruce Ploughman, CAF Swimming Patron at the CAF National Swimming Championship awards and banquet on 3rd April, 2016.

In his speech to all the CAF swimmers from across Canada, he eloquently expressed the importance of sports and fitness as an integral part of military preparedness and well-being of the personnel. It was in this context of striking the right balance between the military duties and sports participation that he pointed to the RMC table and made his comment.

The CAF National Swimming Championship was held in conjunction with the Ontario Masters provincial championship at the newly minted 2015 Pan Am Games pool in Markham, Ontario. This ‘fast pool’ produced many new Canadian and World Masters records.

Also on display for the spellbound crowd were the no-holds-barred relay competitions in adjacent lanes among the Air Force, Army and Navy teams. RMCC Cadets played a strategic role for their respective services, leaving it all in the pool.

Navy Cadet Aiden Kim was ‘flying’ on a mission in his heat to contribute to a 1st place finish in 400 medley relay. Although not a chemistry student, he produced pure gold in 4 other events during the Championship.

Caption: Swim medals won by A/SLT Swanson

Officer Cadet Nicholas Swanson, the veteran of the team and now a A/SLT, struck gold in two individual events capping an illustrious four years of raising the RMCC to the podium. Officer Cadets Clare Choi and William Pover’s numerous 2nd and 3rd place finishes in their events sealed RMCC’s rightful place to swim and compete alongside the Canadian Armed Forces.

The four RMCC swimmers stood on podium 16 times during the CAF Championships, proving once again that they have skillfully mastered the intricate balance between their academic, military and sport aspirations. Royal Canadian Navy A/SLT Swanson is a shining example of this honourable and enduring commitment.

The shining examples of RMC’s yester-years were also present in their finest form. LCol Garth Sindrey, Maj David Lacombe, Capt Tracy Allie, Capt Hilarie Caverly, Capt Catie McCulloch (née Keyser), Capt Stéphanie Moisan-Vallée, Capt Dugald Thomson, Capt Mallory Whitmell (née McDonald), Capt Alex Bronson and Lt Andrew Jarvis.

The RMCC swim team is very much looking forward to welcoming freshly-oxygenated blood this fall and painting the swim meets with Red.

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RMC Marksmanship Team

From various sources

Over the course of two weekends in early September, 14 Royal Military College of Canada Officer Cadets (OCdts) from all elements competed against some of the best shooters in the country at the Canadian Armed Force Small Arms Concentration (CAFSAC).

CAFSAC, which ran from Sept 5 to Saturday Sept 17th, was first organized in 1868 by the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association. While the competition’s location has shifted throughout the years, it eventually settled at Connaught Ranges and Primary Training Centre in Ottawa, where it has been held since 1921. This year, the concentration hosted approximately 450 shooters and support staff from all over Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. They include members of military, police services and international shooting teams. The event is designed to encourage marksmanship excellence in participant’s pistol, rifle, and light machine gunning skills through a variety of standard and dynamic ranges.

The Officer Cadets took part in a variety of matches, from individual events all the way to section sized movements following an obstacle course. Having put in a lot of hard work over the previous academic year and the weeks leading up to the competition, the OCdts were confident in their abilities to not only put on a good showing at the contest, but also be competitive. All members of the RMC Marksmanship Team put in a tremendous amount of hard work and showed a lot of dedication and courage while in Connaught. Notable team member success in the individual events was 3rd year OCdt. Madower who placed 62nd out 271 in a 500m run down competition, and was only 5 shots back from the leader.

In one of the group events called the “Casevac”, a four-member team was given a small amount of time to extract a casualty 200m, navigate a 100m obstacle course, before finally reaching the firing line and a series of 3 or 6 second snap exposures from 200m. Furthermore, the team had to rally with an experienced member facing an injury, yet the RMC Cadets proved resilient as they outscored 2 Regular Force teams.

In one of the more prestigious events at CAFSAC—the Soldier’s Cup—the RMC Marksmanship Team was led by team captain, 4th year OCdt. Luke Tamlin through a timed 2.4km obstacle course, before conducting a 500m section sized rundown. The Team was in good hands with encouragement coming from other team members and guidance coming from team officer Capt. Crombach, and experienced former CAFSAC competitors, such as Sgt. Ingraham who during his time at CAFSAC, secured a spot to Bisley. Although official results from their final event have not yet been published, they feel confident that they not only did great as a team, but also represented RMC well: putting the college on the CAFSAC competitor map.

It must be noted that the RMC Marksmanship Team—only in its second year at the college—would not have been successful without support coming from all directions at the college. Starting with its formative years with Lt. Col. Popov and Lt. Warner (former Bisely Team Member), to the various members of the Training Wing at all levels, both Officer and NCOs, and of course the RMC Foundation. Having received approval for a grant this year from the foundation, the RMCC marksmanship team is looking forward to another great year of training and preparation for CAFSAC 2017.


RCAF officer takes “top shot” at small arms competition