Athletics Wall of Distinction (AWOD) – 2018 Induction Class

 Class of 2018 with family and friends

Caption: Six new plaques were added to the Athletics Wall of Distinction (AWOD)  on the second floor of Yeo Hall, in front of the New Gym entrance last Wed – 21 March.

Athletics Wall of Distinction (AWOD) – 2018 Induction Class

Article by: WJO

A large crowd consisting of college staff, varsity coaches and athletes, and over 50 family and friends attended – The impressive and dignified Induction Ceremony honored: Builder: Doug Hargreaves; Athlete: 3252 Ted Tromanhauser; Team: 2007 (M) Fencing; Team: 2007 (W) Fencing; Athlete: 22909 Kevin Pierre Dulude; and Athlete: 17324 Sharon Lynn Donnelly.

Speeches, for the most part, were kept to a minimum although, Jim Simpson, spoke at length about his former football coach, Doug Hargreaves.

Liana Tromanhauser, widow of Ted was very eloquent in her short but impressive tribute.

“I am sure that Ted would have been absolutely thrilled to receive this recognition, not just for himself, but also for his Harriers teams and his Track and Field teams.”

The diminutive and proud lady added, “Ted loved to run. It was a important part of his life to the end. Ted passed away on his weekend recreational run on September 25, 2005 at age 73.”

Arguably, the best athlete, in one particular sport, to march in and out of the Memorial Arch over the past 60 years is Kevin Dulude. For whatever reason he was not on the agenda to speak. Which in my view is too bad. Much like Sharon Donnelly he easily connects with university varsity athletes.

Kevin released from the Canadian Forces in 2011 to pursue a career in law. Called to the bar in 2015, he is currently with the Department of ‎Justice, where he works as a Litigation lawyer in the Labour and Employment group.You can be sure he is a confident and well spoken public speaker – too bad that this crop of varsity missed out.

At any rate, we had the opportunity to have a short chat with KD following the formal presentations. Much like we remembered him, as a cadet, back about 15 years ago, he is very genuine and positive. “It was an absolute honour and pleasure to be apart of such a special evening.”

Patricia Howes, the longtime Head Fencing  Coach was grinning from ear to ear all evening. And for good reason.

” It was so fulfilling to be reunited with our former students, to catch up, reminisce, and learn about their current career roles and lives. They are all incredible people and we are so proud of them.”

She went on and said a lot that makes sense.

“It is proof to us as coaches, that pursuing excellence, in day-to-day athletic training, is an important foundation for young officers. It builds in them the daily habit and lifestyle of hard work, dedication and commitment, that is necessary to be an outstanding officer in the CAF.”

Pretty hard to argue with that point-of-view, especially knowing first-hand, the character of many of her former and current fencers.

I recall more than one fencer saying, “I arrived at RMC knowing nothing about fencing but stayed with it for four years because of the enthusiasm and leadership of Patty.”

The personable and highly respected coach concluded: “We are so fortunate to be selected for recognition for the Athletic Wall of Distinction, because it allowed our current cadet-fencers to see the bigger picture, of how RMC Fencing helps to develop and contribute to their growth as young officers.”

As successful as the evening was it may be wise for the organizers to sit back and figure out if there is a better way of honouring our past and current athletes.


Spotted in the crowd:

Commandant, BGen Bouchard & Karine Cayer; CCWO Garth & LeighAnn Hoegi; Director of Cadets, Col Chris Ayotte; CWO Rob Keating; RMC Principal, Dr. Harry Kowal; Director of Athletics, Darren Cates;  Guy Dube; Peter Reimer; Norma, Lynn and Vicki Hargreaves; Sue Miklas; Dave Rudnicki (spouse of Sharon Donnelly) and their two children – Gemma & Evan; spouse of Kevin Dulude, Mylène Gagné; Ben and Suzanne Dulude parents of Kevin; Liana Tromanhauser with her grandson Myles McIlveen from Halifax & Officer Cadet, Adam Johnson, friend of the Tromanhauser family; Paddy & David Howes; Myles McIlveen; Dean Vogelsang; Mike Dubois-Bodazza; Natalie Mailot-Montgrain; Doug Smith; Sheila McLeod; John Carlson; Jim Tremain; Jon Jennekens; Ron & Helen Mann; Jim Simpson; Dave Gregory; Chris Ford; Les Bennett; Greg MacDonald; David & Rosemary Hall; David Harries; Austen Cambon;  Helga & Tanya Grodzinski; Stephen Scriver and Brad Krajcik – former teammates of Kevin Dulude; Valérie Savard, Senior Manager Sports/ DFIT / Canadian Forces Morale & Welfare Services; Michael Dubois-Boudassa; Brendan Kilburn and his wife Olga; Nicholas Goulet; Natalie Mailot-Montgrain; Erin McEachern Ryan and her husband, Conner Ryan; Don & Colleen McEachern parents of Erin.

I’m sure we missed some people who were there but the old memory is not quite what it used to be…no slight intended.

The Athletics Wall of Distinction is funded via an endowment managed by the RMC Foundation and created by the RMC Class of 1970 as its Old Brigade gift to the College in 2015.

Induction Class 2018

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  • Austen Cambon

    March 26, 2018 at 4:14 am

    3201 Austen Cambon
    This first-rate Issue of e-Veritas records so beautifully the splendid events of this year’s Varsity Awards Night at the College during which our classmate 3252 Ted Tromanhauser RR52/RMC54, was inducted into the RMC Athletics Wall of Distinction (AWOD). Ted’s achievements as a distance runner were extraordinary. His determination to win for the College and for his teams had no equal. We all knew that Ted was a very worthy candidate for this honour and now many others will know this to be so, too. Our sincere thanks to the Class of 1970 for establishing the AWOD and for all the effort that goes into making it a success. As Ted’s widow, Liana, has remarked: “It provides a visible reminder of RMC’s excellence in sports over the years”. History is important. Well done, everyone. 3201 Austen Cambon.