“SPORTS AT RMC IN THE POST-WAR ERA” #5 – Achievement of Early Success, Track and Field”


 Achievement of Early Success, Track and Field

By 3201 Austen (Aus) Cambon, Cadet Wing Sports Officer, RMC 1953-54


Austen (Aus) Cambon

Business managers know that the key success factors in business include hiring good people with the right skills and knowledge needed for success, creating teams made up of individuals who possess the requisite variety of skills, and leadership that focuses on the achievement of success.  Sports are no different whether at the amateur or at the professional level.

RMC’s Track and Field teams enjoyed especially good success in the early post-war years and beyond.  As Dr. Preston noted in his “History of RMC” that of the first 11 Intercollegiate Championships won by RMC from 1948 until we graduated in 1954, 7 titles were in Track & Field & Harriers, 2 were in Basketball, 1 in Soccer and 1 in Swimming.  The predominance of Track and Field & Harriers is clear.

In this era, the One Mile Race was the feature event at Track and Field meets.  The challenge for runners around the world was to run the Mile in under four minutes, a feat finally accomplished by Roger Bannister in 1954, the year in which we graduated.

The scoring in Track and Field and in Harrier meets is somewhat unique in that the results delivered by the individual team members go directly toward the team’s aggregate scores in meets.  Cadets who excelled in Harriers quite often also participated in Track and Field as well.  We looked back in time at Harriers in Issue 39 published October 15, 2017 .

The College was fortunate in the early years of the post-war era to bring on board cadets with the requisite athletics skills and the strong determination to achieve success at championship levels and to do so early on.


Track and Field competition for our RMC athletes consisted of two major components:

The Annual Inter-Squadron Meet at RMC in which any cadet at the College could participate, and,

Intercollegiate Meets in which RMC Track and Field representative teams participated.

Back Row – H.J. McDougall; J.F. Underwood; B.B. Hercus; Maj. Maclean; S.A. Lundell; J.A. Laudenbach.
Middle Row – A. E. Tromanhauser; D.J.G. McKinnon; P. Kiar; W.R. Scott.
Front Row – N.R. Boivin; R.A. White; W.G. Ross.

The RMC Track and Field Meet

In 1950 the College meet was held on a Wednesday and “by kind permission of the Registrar morning classes will be filed under unfinished business but will be held on the following Saturday”.  The rules underwent changes over time but, initially, there was a limit of only two cadets from each Squadron per event.  The Finale, highlighting a whole day of competition, was the Recruits’ Obstacle Race.  2834 Palle Kiar RMC’52 won the 100 Yard Dash in 10.5 sec. and he set a new record for the 220 Yard Dash breaking a mark set in 1938.  Palle won the Ryerson Cup for accumulating the most points in the Meet.  He also won the Running Broad Jump event, and took part in other events, too.  2927 Frank Underwood RMC’52 became the first post-war cadet to break a pre-war record by tossing the javelin to a new record distance.  3070 Hugh“Fritz” MacDougall won the 3 Mile Race.  3068 Sid Lundell RMC’53 finished strongly in a number of events.  3252 Ted Tromanhauser RMC’54 began what would be his remarkable dominance of the One Mile Race for the Greenwood Challenge Cup winning in 5 mins  5 secs.  Ted also won the 880 Yard Dash and placed second in the Low Hurdles.

In 1951  Palle Kiar continued to excel.  He set a new College record for the 440-Yard Dash, won the 100-Yard Dash and the 220-Yard Dash and won the Running Broad Jump.  He once again won the Ryerson Cup.  Palle was a superb multi-sport athlete.  3212  Kerry Gill RMC’54 took the 3-Mile  Race “with his last-lap spurt to pass 3171 Marc Soule RR’51/RMC’53 that will be long remembered here”. 3068 Sid Lundell RMC’53, another superb multi-sport athlete and always a prominent competitor in the years he participated in Track and Field, set a new College record in the Hop, Step, and Jump event.   Ted Tromanhauser “shattered another record running the One Mile Race in 4 mins 44.6 secs”, his second successive victory in this race.  Ted also “led the field all the way” in his Squadron’s One Mile Relay win.

In 1952  Marc Soule won the 3-Mile Race.  With Palle Kiar now absent through Graduation, Sid Lundell now really stood out, winning trophies for the highest number of points in the 100, 220, 880 Yard Dashes and for highest number of points in all events.  3271 Ian Flemming (RMC’54) won the Running Broad Jump and the 100 Yard Dash.  3314 Larry Shick RR’52/RMC’54 “literally flew 40 feet setting a new record in the Hop, Step, and Jump”.  Ted Tromanhauser continued his winning ways winning the One Mile Race in 5 minutes .08 seconds, victorious in this race for the third consecutive time.  Ted could now keep the Greenwood Cup.  He replaced it with the E.A. TROMANHAUSER CUP for future competition.  Ted also competed in the High Jump, the Hop, Step, and Jump, the Half Mile Relay and the One Mile Relay in this Meet.

In 1953 members of the Class of RR’52/RMC’54 (author’s prejudice conceded – my Class!) rose to even greater prominence in their last year of competition at the College.  3293 Gord Kilger won the Discus Throw.  3314 Larry Shick “had a good afternoon taking three events: the Running Broad Jump, the 120 Yard Hurdles, and the Hop, Step, and Jump event in which he broke his own record.

Ted Tromanhauser won the One Mile Race for the fourth year in a row, a feat never before accomplished at RMC and not achieved since.  E.A. (Ted) Tromanhauser thus became the first recipient of the newly-minted E.A. TROMANHAUSER CUP!  Ted was decidedly another one of our superb athletes, so very dedicated to his sport and with an unmatched level of determination.  In this, his last Inter-Squadron Meet, Ted also ran in the 880 Yard Dash but “was edged out in an exciting finish”.

Back Row – Maj. A.L. Maclean (R.C.E.M.E.), Graham, J.R. MacLachlan, Mr. MacDonell.
Third Row – Hercus, McKinnon, White, Kiar.
Second Row – Bird, Simons, Lundell, D.S. Miller, Wilsher.
Front Row – Meyers, Soule, Tromanhauser, Juneau, W.G. Ross, Gill.

Intercollegiate Meets

The RMC Track and Field teams proved themselves to be very competitive in Intercollegiate competition and they turned in early successes.  The cadets’ superior fitness was often credited for their success.

In 1950 the team competed at the Ottawa-St.Lawrence Conference Track Championships in Molson Stadium, McGill, on October 30 with five colleges in the meet:  McGill, Carleton, McDonald College, Sir George Williams, and RMC.  Ted Tromanhauser had an especially good day winning the One Mile race in 4 mins 50 secs and leading the team to a victory in the Relay Race (440,220,220,880).  In November, with five colleges competing at the Intermediate Intercollegiate Track Meet at McGill, the RMC team, “sparked by Palle Kiar, quite unexpectedly placed second.

In 1951 the team met Queen’s in a short meet on October 25 as a warmup for the annual intercollegiate championship. “The better trained and better conditioned Redmen won this one by a wide margin.”  On October 31 the team travelled to Montreal for the Intermediate Intercollegiate Track and Field Championship, held in Molson Stadium, McGill, on October 31.  Excelling in the meet for RMC were stalwarts Palle Kiar, Sid Lundell, Marc Soule, Ted Tromanhauser, and Kerry Gill, with fine efforts by other team members, too.  “For the first time since the College re-opened in 1948, RMC won an intercollegiate championship. The RMC Team showed a distinct superiority in track events.”

In 1952 another warm-up dual track meet with Queens’s was held at RMC on October 19.  “Fritz MacDougall set records in the Half-mile and the 3-mile runs and  WG Ross set a College record in the 220 Low Hurdles.  The C.I.A.U. Ottawa – St. Lawrence  Intermediate Track and Field Championship was held at RMC this year. The RMC team won this Intercollegiate Track and Field title for the second year in a row, winning by a wide margin over McGill, Queen’s, MacDonald College, and Sir George Williams.

Sid Lundell and Ian Flemming were strong finishers in the 220 Yard dash.  Ted Tromanhauser won the exciting Half Mile race setting a record.  Marc Soule established a new record for the 3 Mile Run and 3089 Gill Ross set a new record for the Low Hurdles.

In 1953 the C.I.A.U. Intermediate Track and Field Championship Meet was held in Montreal on October 26 with Queen’s, McGill, Carleton, Sir George Williams, MacDonald College, and RMC competing.

Queen’s was victorious with RMC finishing a close second but well ahead of the rest of the field.  Ian Flemming won the 220 Yard Dash, Ted Tromanhauser won the Half Mile and “turned in a sterling performance in the 3-mile run edging out Code of Queen’s at the wire”.

Our Track and Field teams and our Harriers teams certainly put RMC back on the Intercollegiate competition map In a relatively short period of time in this post-war era of the 1950’s.

Back Row – Myers, Kilger, MacLeod, Tromanhauser, Flemming, Morrison.
Front Row – Mr. McDonell, Stewart, Hopper Shick, S/L Sloat.