Back at RMCC: Where it all started 33 years ago!

Back at RMCC: Where it all started 33 years ago!

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15566 Major Helga Grodzinski, RMC graduate with the Class of ’86 is back at her alma mater, this time with a premium view of the parade square from her office in MK 451B, as the Course Development and Delivery Manager for the Division of Continuing Studies.

Helga Rausch came from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to RMC in September 1982, starting in Brant Sqn. She was one of 32 who comprised the third class of women to enter RMC. She was recruited as a Logistics Officer, the sole occupation available at that time to a woman who wanted to study Arts at RMC. She figures that, had combat arms been available to women back then, she would been a pilot or an Armoured Officer, but alas, those choices would not be available to women for the next decade and a bit. After barely surviving the first two years of having to take Calculus, Chemistry and Physics in order to be a well-rounded Artsman, she found happiness in Honours English and Philosophy.


Here finally was the good life, classes of four to six students, studying for exams by discussing with friends books read, over a pint at the Pilot House and Bill and Alfie’s. After all these years, Helga is comfortable admitting that she was a “keener” and a “wad:” she actually enjoyed shining boots and drill and parades and all that, probably due to her time in Air Cadets. She was the second year class senior and eventually CSL Wolfe Sqn. Her sport throughout her four years was Varsity Fencing and she won a couple of individual medals, although the OWIAA (now OUA for everyone) Team Title wouldn’t come until just after she graduated.

Helga’s career following graduation started in 1 Svc Bn in the Army of the West, back when 1 CMBG was to be found in Calgary, Alberta. It was here that she met the dashing cavalry officer who would become her husband, John Grodzinski. LdSH(RC). Helga is proudly part of a true RMC family: an ex-cadet and now staff; John is a grad (MA and PhD) and teaches in the Faculty of History; son Karl graduated in May 2015 and has just been posted to 1 R22eR as a platoon commander. Her daughter Sylvia, a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier U and Natasha, in her fourth year of Journalism at Carleton, never wanted to go to RMC, but loves the place all the same.

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  • JJ Smith

    December 7, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Congratulations to Major Grodzinski for a long and illustrious career. The CF urgently needs exemplary women in senior leadership roles, and her posting to RMCC is timely and at the right place.

    16142 J.J.Smith RR 88