Badass Brainiacs of RMC Win Gold

The Badass Brainiacs of RMC Win Gold at 8 Wing Surf and Turf Relay Race

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                       Soo Owens

LCol Soo Owens, Commanding Officer Military Faculty and Post Graduate Student (PG&MILFAC) issued a challenge and an invitation back in April: who would help her form a team to compete in the 30th Annual 8 Wing Surf and Turf Relay Race at CFB Trenton on 9 June?

This is an eight-leg race comprising four running legs, two cycling legs, a paddling and a swim portion. Three souls stepped up: Capt Arthur Gullachsen to bike, 25695 Lt(N) Colin Shannon to run and 15566 Maj Helga Grodzinski to paddle and swim. LCol Owens would also run and was our team captain.

PSP was a great help by covering the team’s entrance fee.

This was a magnificent event on a gorgeous day in Trenton. There were 543 participants, supported in this logistically challenging race by 200 volunteers and 40 race committee members!

The Brainiacs had their own superb support team, consisting of Paul Owens, husband of Soo (and Benson the Springer Spaniel for moral support), and Michele Connors, Arthur’s wife.

Like bank heist get-away drivers, they speedily delivered us and our kit to hand-off spots all around Trenton. We could not have done this race without them.

At 0800-ish on Baker Island, a DJ and the event announcer got everyone revved up, while a C17 did low flyovers. The atmosphere was charged, but fun.

When the race started, Colin burst out of the gate like a hungry cheetah on the first 7.6 k trail run, then rolled up many of our competitors on his second 7.2k road run.

Soo ran like a deer over a “technical,” meaning nasty, cross-country run and sprinted the last 2.2k to the finish. Arthur furiously chewed up the asphalt on the 25k road bike leg and was a beast on the 8k mountain bike portion. Colin used the 4.7k paddle with Helga in a borrowed aluminum pig of a canoe to “recover” from his first run and Helga posted her best time in years for the 500m pool swim.

Having lost a good chunk of Colin’s lead in our slow boat (at least we didn’t tip as some others did) we went through the race without any expectations; we just did our bits as best we could.

Once we linked up in the finish/presentation zone, Helga headed right off for a complimentary massage, while the rest of the team enjoyed the BBQ, fruit and ice cream.

After about an hour we were contemplating heading back to Kingston, when it occurred to Helga to take a look at the standings; she was shocked to see we had come in 7th place.

Incredulous, our team captain Soo went to double-check and noticed that we had in fact placed FIRST in class (mixed relay) against teams who had as many as eight members! So, we stuck around to get our medals, probably the least aware winning team in the event’s history.

LCol Owens is posted out this summer, so the Badass Brainiacs of RMC will need to re-form and repeat in 2018. WHO’S UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? Any Ex Cadets who would dare to try?

More Information about the race can be found here