Badging Parade: A Day the Class of 2023 “Will never forget”

The Class of 2023 Officially Joins the Cadet Wing

Article by 28560 OCdt (III) Bennett Dickson

Photos by Corporal Brandon Liddy, RMC Public Affairs

September 14th was a day that will go down in the memory of every First Year that just completed their three-week orientation period known as FYOP. It marks the day the First Years will receive their famous RMC Cap Badges.

Early Saturday morning, the Cadet Wing fell onto the parade square wearing the tradition scarlet-red uniform. Following a quick inspection, the Class of 2023 joined the parade. For many, this will be their first military parade.

Wearing RMC’s traditional blue uniform, they were greeted with a large round of applause from the hundreds of family, friends, and military personnel in the crowd. Following a quick dressing, the Badging Ceremony began.

The Cadets were met by one of their FYOP section commanders and a member of the Old Brigade (those who entered one of the Canadian military colleges more than 50 years ago). Following a swift but meaningful exchange of words, each Cadet was given a Cap Badge and officially welcomed into RMC as a member of the Cadet Wing.

Some cried, others were lost for words, but everyone was beyond proud. It was surreal.

They then turned and marched in between the files of red uniforms to officially signify themselves as members of the Cadet Wing. For the first time in their RMC careers, the Class of 2023 had the pleasure of marching among their squadrons as full members.

With a sharp eyes right and stomp of their parade boots, they showed the crowd how proud they really were.

Following an advance in review order and march off, First Years had the opportunity to mingle and see family. For many, this was the first time they have been able to for weeks, if not months, and a well-earned way to cap off a memorable event.

For the full list of First Year Cadets joining the Wing please see below. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

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For the list of prizes and award recipients please see below.


Prize and Award Recipients

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The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded annually to two in-course students enrolled in CEAB-accredited programs within of the Faculty of Engineering who have demonstrated an equal combination of high academic achievement and leadership through participation in professional affairs and extra-curricular activities. This year’s recipients are:

28236  OCdt Eric Kim

28297  OCdt Xi Lu

The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Entrance Scholarships are awarded annually to well-rounded entrance students enrolled in CEAB-Accredited programs within the Faculty of Engineering who have demonstrated a combination of high academic achievement and exhibit characteristics of leadership. As a minimum requirement, recipients must have graduated with an Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma with an overall average of at least 80 percent in academic subjects. One of the awards is made to an eligible female student and one to an eligible male student. This year’s recipients are:

29274  OCdt Zachary Cale

29354  OCdt Valerie Cunningham-Reiman

Le Commandant et le Directeur des Élèves-officiers remettrons les prix suivants:

The Hope Medallion is awarded to the recruit showing best potential of leadership during the First Year Orientation Program. The Hope Medallion is presented to:

29274  OCdt Zachary Cale

Le prix du travail d’équipe du Capitaine John Bart est décerné à l’escadrille de première année qui remporte la course à obstacles du Collège. Ce prix est décerné à:

l’Escadron 9 – Escadrille Warrior.

Le Commandant d’Escadrille, Aspirant de marine Cael Halvorsen, va maintenant se présenter pour accepter ce prix au nom de son Escadrille.

The Capt John Bart Leadership Award is presented to the best leader of each Flight during the Obstacle Course. This Award is determined by a vote within First Years, immediately after the Obstacle Course.  The winner of each Flight will be hosted to a dinner at a later date. Congratulations to:

1 Sqn Alpha Flight             29281    OCdt Fynn Lystiuk

2 Sqn Fighter Flight          29165    OCdt Layden Bergerman-Twan

3 Sqn Grizzly Flight           29274    OCdt Zachary Cale

4 Sqn Kabelle Flight          29276    OCdt Felipe Loopez-Espinosa

5 Sqn Papa Flight              29164    OCdt Joseph May

6 Sqn Romeo Flight           29212    OCdt Xavier Lavoie

7 Sqn Tango Flight            29279    OCdt Laura Gordon-Guimont

8 Sqn Whiskey Flight        29174    OCdt Gerald Klein

9 Sqn Warrior Flight         29210    OCdt Arielle Picard

10 Sqn Merit Flight           29325    OCdt Olivier-Denis Séguin

11 Sqn Victory Flight        29390    OCdt Antoine Garand

12 Sqn Hunter Flight         29263    OCdt Nora Bright