Badging Parade: Class of 2020


Badging Parade: Class of 2020

By 27832 OCdt (II) Pablo Cardona, 12 Sqn, e-Veritas Chief Correspondent

On Saturday morning, hundreds of spectators were witness to the pageantry of a military parade. The Badging Parade symbolizes the full integration of the College’s newest recruits into the Cadet Wing.

The parade began with the march on of the Cadet Wing at 1000. Led by the band, the Cadet Wing marched on with their chins up and arms swinging proudly. Their drill and sharp dress impressed the audience and displayed RMC’s high standards to the crowd.

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The impressive event was conducted in normal military fashion, with the dressing, march on of the colours and the arrival of the officers on parade. However, before the reviewing party arrived, a CF18 flew over the audience,  The CF-18 fly past was provided by 401 Sqn out of Cold Lake AB. a well-known tradition for RMC parades, but a thrilling sight for the crowd many of whom were first-time visitors to the college. The pilot was 24912 Jeremy Whalen – former Cadet Wing Commander – Class of 2011.

After the Cadet marched past, the class of 2020 was marched on by the FYOP IC and 2IC and by all the respective CFLs. When they arrived on the parade square, they took their position in front of the rest of the wing.

Following this, the second-fourth year award winners were presented their awards for their hard work last academic year. Afterwards, the class of 2020 FYOP awards were handed out. OCdt Evan White of Tango flight won the Hope medallion, while Papa Flight won the John Bart teamwork award for placing first on the obstacle course.

Upon the conclusion of the awards ceremony, some Old Brigade members, and a few Ex cadet family members accompanied by FYOP section commanders, presented the RMC cap badge to the Class of 2020. This was the highlight of the parade and signified the bond between the current generation of cadets and those who came before.

The RMC Padres, LCdr Catherine MacKinnon, and Capt Ryan Carter were called forward for the blessing.

This was followed by two speeches –  the RMC Club President, Navy Capt (Ret’d) Tony Goode congratulated the Class of 2020 on their success and wished them luck for the future. The Commandant also spoke with strong words of encouragement to the cadets and their families.

Finally, the Class of 2020 joined their respective Squadrons and marched off with the rest of the cadet wing, symbolizing their full inclusion in the RMC family.

The weather was ideal and an air of excitement was every where on the peninsula.

More badging parade photos here and award winners photos here

List of Award Winners:

 l’ecu-challenge Strong
L’Élève-officier Philippe Bolduc


 le prix Grant
à: L’Élève-officier Olivier Beaulieu


Squadron Leader McAlpine Cadet Trust Fund Award for Athletics
to: OCdt Emma Owen


 le prix Fulton
à: L’Élève-officier Augustin Mirea


 la bourse d’études du Service de l’Aviation royale du Canada
à: L’Élève-officier Sebastien Genereux


Dr. P.F. Fisher Memorial Trophy and Scholarship
to: OCdt Mitchell Hewson


prix d’exercice et d’éducation physique PFUMR
à: L’Élève-officier Emile Neron-Bilodeau


C. Raymond Grandy Memorial Scholarship
to: OCdt Nicholas Bomers


Queen’s University Challenge Shield
to: OCdt Billy Campbell


Professional Engineers of Ontario Foundation for Education, Undergraduate Scholarship for Academic Achievement and Undergraduate Scholarship for Non-Academic Achievement. 
to: OCdt Alvin Lai (for Academic Achievement; andOCdt Annie Mercier (for Non-academic Achievement)

The two entrance awards provided by the Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education, to Grade 12 graduates entering an accredited RMCC engineering programme. The awards go

to: OCdt Charlotte Jory; andOCdt Jacques Pecora


Howard B. Ripstein Award of Excellence for First Year
to: NCdt Samuel Lowry (Navy)OCdt John Seyler (Army)            OCdt Pierre-Olivier Larouche (Air Force)


Howard B. Ripstein en troisième année
à: L’Aspirant de marine Etienne Pouliot-Maillette (Marine royale canadienne) L’Élève-officier Joshua Hewitt  (Armée canadienne) L’Élève-officier Alexandre Palardy (Aviation royale canadienne)            


J.W. Brown Memorial Medal
to: OCdt Owen Kolasky



Squadron Leader McAlpine Cadet Trust Fund  for bilingualism
to: OCdt James Bremner


 Royal Military College of Canada Award for Academic Excellence in First Year
to: OCdt Adam McMullen


Royal Military College of Canada Award for Academic Excellence in Second Year
to: OCdt Alvin Lai


Royal Military College of Canada Award for Academic Excellence in Third Year:
to: OCdt Michael Kogan


The Frank R. Kossa Memorial “Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada and the United States” Scholarship 
to: NCdt Charles Grimshaw


  The Class of 1942 Memorial Trophy
to: OCdt Brianna Kelly


 The Military Leadership Excellence Award in First Year
to: OCdt Nicholas Bomers


  le prix d’excellence en leadership militaire en deuxième année
à: L’Élève-officier Sebastien Genereux


  le prix d’excellence en leadership militaire en troisième année
à: L’Élève-officier Alexandre Palardy


  la bourse du Fonds fiduciaire des élevés-officiers du Commandant d’aviation McAlpine
à: L’Élève-officier Olivier Beaulieu


The Hope Medallion is awarded to the recruit showing best potential of leadership during the Recruit Camp and who is First Year Officer Cadet/Naval Cadet selected as the Class Senior. The Hope Medallion is
Awarded to:  OCdt Evan Wight, 7 Sqn
The Captain John Bart Leadership Award is won by the best leader in each Squadron during the Obstacle Race. 
Le prix de leadership, Capitaine John Bart, est décerné aux meilleurs chefs de chaque escadron pour la compétition de la course à obstacles. 
Escadron 1 OCdt Jack Whitford
Escadron 2 OCdt Thomas Dawson
Escadron 3 OCdt James App
Escadron 4 OCdt Shane Levin
Escadron 5 OCdt Aaron Jane
Escadron 6 OCdt Bin Jaweed
Escadron 7 OCdt Evan Wight
Escadron 8 OCdt Kyle Grenier
Escadron 9 OCdt David Hamilton
Escadron 10 OCdt Daniel Walcott
Escadron 11 OCdt Shanon Rochat
Escadron 12 OCdt Thomas Boulter


 Nous allons maintenant annoncer les résultats de la course à obstacle d’hier. De plus, l’escadron gagnant sera récompensé avec le prix du travail d’équipe, Capitaine John Bart, et sera présenté par le Colonel retraite M. Houghton.  
We ask that the winning Flight please remain at their position on parade.
3rd place  10 Sqn – Savage Flight
2nd place  7 Sqn – Tango Flight
The winning Flight and winner of the Capt John Bart Teamwork award is:  5 Sqn – Papa Flight

Special mention: This is the third consecutive year that 5 Squadron has won the obstacle race. Quite a feat for sure. Congratulations!