Band Put Their Instruments Away for Well Deserved Recognition


Most Valuable Member RMCC Band, presented by retired LCol. (ret) Gilles Langlois:
Fall Term 2012 – 25747 OCdt. Gonzo – Winter Term 2013 – 26320 OCdt. McNaughton

Band Put Their Instruments Away for Well Deserved Recognition

Article by 25796 NCdt Kevin Chung

The RMC Band took time to recognize its outstanding members this past Thursday evening with prizes, awards and a year-end party. Under the supervision of the Band Officer, MWO Ronald Reedy, the Band Master WO Catherine Norris, the Cadet Wing Band Officers, 25621 OCdt Stephanie Clark and 25846 OCdt Tyler Molloy, and coordinators, 25796 NCdt Chung and 26256 OCdt Greenwell, the event was a great success.

The event was attended by college senior leadership: LCol Patrick Lemyre, CPO1 Keith Davidson and MWO Wallace Rideout. LCol (ret) Gilles Langlois was also in attendance to present the award which bears his name.

Awards that were presented include the Most Deserving Member Award for each branch of the band, the Most Valuable Member of the RMCC Band Award (two recipients, one for each term) and 4th year certificates, which were presented to eligible 4th year band members who have served the band since arriving at the college.

Most Deserving Member Award, presented by the Director of Cadets, LCol. Patrick Lemyre:
Brass and Reed – M2080 OCdt Page
Choir – 25892 NCdt Thompson
Drum Corps – 26363 OCdt Robert
Highland Dance – 26542 OCdt Gilmore
Pipe Corps – 26228 OCdt Attwells