Barmen Workshop 2017: command, mentor, inspire

Barmen Workshop 2017: command, mentor, inspire

OCdt Eliza Bruce

OCdt Eliza Bruce, 27472, (IV), CWBO, E-veritas correspondent

For three years, our class of officer cadets has been on the receiving end of multiple forms of leadership styles.

Now it is our turn to organize, instruct, motivate, and lead the cadet wing.

Barely even a day into life back at the college and the senior barmen have already fallen into a familiar battle rhythm.

This has been marked by open communication, meetings, planning for the arrival of the first year cadets, looking forward to parades and various military obligations coming up, and how the discipline, morale, and leadership of the wing will be maintained right off the start to set up a strong new school year.

With so many new faces coming to the training wing, and the onset of changes marked by the Special Staff Assistance Visit (SSAV) recommendations, this semester’s bar slate has its hands more than full, but they are ready to take on each new problem with a solution that speaks to the adaptability sought for in aspiring officers.

We have been briefed on how these recommendations will be implemented at all levels within the college and their implications.

It was definitely a moment of reality as to the similar kind of roles we will soon be filling as officers: continually faced with different approaches to institutional practices, or organizational evolution, even direct orders that will require discernment, gravity, and time-sensitive methods of being carried out.

A point that was presented during a standards brief was the importance of a positive attitude in new situations, to encourage and motivate troops towards adjusting to and embracing the changes that are necessary, healthier, or simply different.

Also, with the mentor-ship mentality that will be overtaking the military pillar, this is an even more critical time for us to be asking questions, taking initiative, and stepping up as leaders.