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Vancouver Chapter of the RMC Club Invites Cadets to End-of-Year Reception 

The Vancouver Chapter of the RMC Club would be pleased to host all Cadets currently studying at RMC and CMR to an end-of-year reception from 13:00-16:00, Thursday, 27 December. The reception will be held at the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Officer’s Mess, The Armoury, 1650 Burrard Street. Family members of cadets are also invited.

Cadets are requested to wear No. 3 dress, and club hosts to wear business suit or club blazer.

Cadets are also requested to confirm their attendance by email by Monday, 17 December, to 11465 Neil Clegg (Email: [email protected]/Mobile: 1 (604) 306-0346)



Le Chapitre Fort Saint-Jean(F) Newsletter (E)


Pour une deuxième année, le Chapitre Fort Saint-Jean organise ses retrouvailles hivernales au Manège des Fusiliers Mont-Royal le 14 décembre 2018. Nous vous proposons une rencontre amicale afin de célébrer la fin de l’année et jeter un regard sur les acticités et événements de 2019. Profitez de cette occasion pour retrouver des ancien(ne)s dans le décor luxueux du Mess des officiers du manège des Fusiliers Mont-Royal.

·       14h30 à 16h30 : L’émancipation du chapitre, thème développé avec les majors de classe;

·       16h30 à 19h00 heure heureuse.

For a second year, Fort Saint-Jean Branch organizes its winter reunion at the Armory of Fusiliers Mont-Royal December 14, 2018. We offer you a friendly meeting to celebrate the end of the year and take a look at the activities and events of 2019. Take this opportunity to find Ex cadets in the luxurious setting of the Officers’ Mess at the Fusiliers Mount Royal Armory.
•      14h30 to 16h30: The emancipation of the chapter, theme developed

with the class majors;

•      16:30 to 19:00 happy hour.



Special invite for cadets at both RMC and RMCSJ