Budget Cuts Hit Home – Staff & Cadets Briefed by Commandant

Axe Falls on Colleges


By now most readers are aware of the “budget cuts” within the public service. Both colleges have been hit too.

To what extent?

Last week in Kingston, the commandant, BGen Eric Tremblay held two sessions, Wednesday a Town Hall, in Currie Hall with satellite coverage to the New Gym for the overflowing crowd. Thursday the cadets received the same message albeit in an abbreviated form.

As could be expected the mood has not been good since the news came out of Ottawa. The message was a little lighter than the potential 68 positions which were possibly affected which was first reported.

When everything is said and done it appears that approximately 40 – 50 positions will disappear which includes Faculty and support staff. The commandant and his Command team will be working together with all major stake-holders while the process moves along from one stage to the next. The full process is slated to take three years to fully implement.

It appears that there will be no program cuts. However, all academic programs will have to look at ways to work with less teaching staff. There will likely be fewer grad and undergrad courses, offering fewer electives. Bigger classes by combining sections of courses with lots of students, primarily in first and second year will undoubtedly become a reality.

One shocker! UTPMNCM commonly referred to as UTs will also be discontinued. There will be no I Year class arriving in September. Those already at the college will be able to finish out their time until they graduate.

We do not have any details concerning Royal Military College Saint-Jean, however, it is expected that the message is similar.

We were hoping to receive a press release with the official word concerning both college but it was still not available at press time. Stay tuned.



…and Gives the Cadet Wing a Glimpse Into the Future

Photos and Article by 25366 NCdt (IV) Mike Shewfelt

On Thursday morning, the day after he briefed the College staff, BGen Eric Tremblay, Commandant of RMC, had the Cadet Wing assemble on the Parade Square for the last parade of the semester. In a speech that was short but direct, BGen Tremblay laid out both the path for the College’s future and the reasons behind it. “We are not closing the College,” he said. “Will there be more cadets in classes…? Maybe. Fewer electives…? Maybe. Fewer honours programs…? Maybe. But we are not closing the College.”

Local media reports:

Association to monitor effect of RMC layoffs


  • 5300 Bob Thomas

    April 16, 2012 at 9:52 am

    The decision to close out the UTPNCM programme is a disgrace! My experience with the programme (DAdm 1982-3, DCdts 1983-6)was that it provided a highly efffective avenue for many who might not have had the opportunity to earn a degree and commission. Members added a welcome level of maturity and focus to the classroom and the individual success rate was significantly higher than the ROTP/RETP cohort. What, if anything, will replace it and at what cost?

  • John R. Graham

    April 16, 2012 at 10:17 am

    I don’t live in Canada so was completely surprised. I thought the Conservative government was pro-military. Horrible job for the Commandant to have to execute, though.

  • 5300 Bob Thomas

    April 16, 2012 at 10:19 am

    The decision to eliminate the UTPNCM programme is a disgrace! My experience (DADM 1982-3, DCdts 1983-6)was that it privided a wonderful opportunity for serving members of the CF, many of whom might never have thought it possible, to earn a degree and a commission. They brought maturity, determination and desire to the classroom and were greatly appreciated by the academic staff. Their success rate was the highest in the College and they went on the successful careers. What will replace the programme and what cost?

  • Kevin Bryski

    April 16, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    My understanding is the UTPNCM program is being discontinued at RMC but NCMs can still apply for the program and attend at a civ university nearest to where they are posted.

  • Ian Rennie

    April 19, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    This news did not make it onto the national media and I am shocked to hear it nearly one month after the budget was tabled. The UTPMs added maturity to the environment and served with many of us after graduation as colleagues. The discontinuation of this program is very sad to hear.

  • MO

    April 21, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    What i can’t understand is everyone keeps saying that UT’s will be allowed to attend a civi. university where they live. but everybody seems to forget that a lot of bases are in areas where there is no university. ie, trenton, cold lake, ect. ect. so it would cost the mil. just as much if not more to post them anyways. doesn’t make any sense to me.