Cadet Wing (And FYOP) Looking Forward to Reunion Weekend 2017

Cadet Wing (And FYOP) Looking Forward to Reunion Weekend 2017


The countdown is on!

Less than two weeks from now ALL the events associated with Reunion Weekend will be history. Legacy Dinner; breakfast with a cadet; obstacle course; badging parade; Wall of Honour ceremony; and the lining of the route for the march to the Memorial Arch will be memories.  Hopefully, all good ones.

Speaking of the obstacle course although not official, as of yet – the format will be changed.  There will still be 12 obstacle stations but instead of a shotgun start, there will be a ‘staggered start’ – which means that flights will commence – one at a time – likely around 15 – 20 minutes apart.

We expect official word soon; when we hear we will update this particular post right away with all the details.  One of the details will be the ‘start time’ and where etc.  Family & friends, in particular, check back here over the next few days and look for the updates.

Part of the crowd prior to the shotgun start – 2016

We have had the opportunity over a number of years to see both the ‘shotgun start’ and the ‘staggered start’ – in our humble opinion – both have advantages and disadvantages.

The shotgun was approx. two hours in length; the staggered approx. three hours in length.

Preparing for coin presentation at the end of the shotgun start by Old Brigade

The staff and cadets in charge this year are confident that they will run a first class event. We wish them well.

The spirit around the cadet wing over the last week or so has been very positive.

A lot is going on. The second years are up to their usual high jinks to help their little brothers / sisters who are going through the rigors of First Year Orientation Period (FYOP).

For example – Some first years were ‘kidnapped’ (in good fun) by the second years.  Around the same time, these same second years were heard (mostly off key) singing, Goodnight Saigon to these tired recruits.  In addition, alert FYOP staff found wrappers of fast food from McDonald’s in garbage cans and wondered how it got there.  Word has it that ‘extra PT’ was the price that was paid for those who had indulged.

To put things back in perspective – the first Badging Parade practice took place this past Sat which also included a number of second and third years.

During a drive around the college late Sat afternoon one could see FYOP ‘training’ for the obstacle course.

The pace will surly pickup in the coming days.

In short, the Cadet Wing is in good shape, fine spirits and looking forward to what 2017 Reunion Weekend has to offer.

More photos from FYOP – Here

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  • 20802 Andrew McCorquodale

    September 19, 2017 at 9:42 pm

    Great story and I remember how much we looked forward to Ex-Cadet weekend. Maybe I’m missing something, but is there no more Red and White Challenge on the Saturday? It would be a shame if such a great opportunity for all us Ex-Cadets to bond with the current Cadets was lost – especially when most of us will still have hang-overs to burn off from our Class Reunions the night before.