Cadets & Ex Cadets “On the Hill” – Doing What?

RMC Well Represented at Charity Rugby Match on Parliament Hill


Front Row – (L-R) 25006 OCdt Tom Braidwood (RMC 2011), 23944 Lt Marty Hart (RMC 2008), 24392 2nd Lt Gavin Whynot (RMC 2008), Cpl Jimmy Wood, 24695 OCdt Nick Villa (RMC 2010).
Back Row – 24434 2nd Lt Brent McIntyre (RMC 2009), Pte Kenny Loucks, Pte John Lawrence, 6464 Coach David Harries (CMR-RMC 1965).

Ex cadets and cadets made up the majority of the Canadian Forces rugby team that participated in the first Rugby Match (ever) on Parliament Hill. The CF team was “captained” by Defence Minister Peter MacKay – who unfortunately is nursing a broken arm after a mishap during the match.

The CF team was formed on short notice. Their first practise began 15 minutes before game time.  Ottawa Irish provided the opposition and beat Forces Rugby by six tries to five.

The real winner was the  Military Families Fund as the game raised $25,000 which will be used in support of  MFF approved projects.

We Get e-mails…

Realizing that Peter MacKay is the MND, and trying to think of when the last time I saw a MND wearing RMC gear, I have attached a video here from CTV. Minister MacKay recently broke his arm while playing with the Forces Rugby team during a game on Parliament Hill. Note later in the video as he is about to get into his car… he is wearing an RMC jacket. Nicely done Minister.

14559 Steven W. Gable (RRMC RMC 1984) P.Eng., PE. MBA, rmc
Associate Engineer


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  • Chris Haines

    June 1, 2009 at 9:58 am

    Great job RMC Rugby! I could make an unnecessary joke here about how it’s a good thing that we still have a rugby team and how it would be absolutely moronic or a Director of Athletics or Commandant to cancel the rugby program, but that probably wouldn’t accomplish anything. Cheers to RMC rugby for raising funds for a good cause and raising awareness for the college. It’s never a bad thing to get the Minister of National Defence to wear the college colours.