Cadets Perform Above Expectations at Judo, Rowing Competitions

RMC Judo Club Compete on the World Stage

Article by 28567 OCdt Philipp Dohm 

The RMC Judo club took part in one of Canada’s largest and most challenging Judo Competitions last weekend: the “Omnium Du Quebec/Quebec Open” that took place at the Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard in Montreal. RMC Judo’s participation would have been extremely difficult without the help and support of the Foundation. RMC Judo is grateful for the opportunity made possible by the generosity of the Foundation and its supporters.

This competition held some of the best Judokas from Canada and around the world: the entirety of Team Canada, 5th Dan Black Belt from Japan, Team USA, Team Brazil, Team Morocco, Team Republic of South Africa, and many other elite level fighters around the world. Although the RMC team generally held a lower belt status than the rest of the fighters, this did not stop them from performing exceptionally well given the high quality of the competition. Those fighters who were below the brown belt level could only compete in “Ne Waza” which is a Japanese term for groundwork. This category was especially challenging, as it was open to all belt levels and often led to RMC members fighting those who were up to six belt levels above them. Nevertheless, fighters such as OCdt D. Vilkov, OCdt J. Lee, and OCdt Y. Jo placed within the top 5 and had several victories to prove to the international Judo community that the RMC teams has plenty of skill and potential; no matter the belt level or difficulty of the tournament, RMC will never back down from the challenge.


Cold and Wet, the Crew Prevails

Article by 28211 NCdt Jack Murphy 

On 27 October 2018 the RMC Crew competed in the Head of the Fish Regatta in Saratoga New York. Despite a cold and rainy day, the Crew, led by its three 4th year veterans, OCdt Billy “Phase 3 Beauty” Campbell, OCdt Liam “One Man Tent” Cooke, and OCdt Lewis “Heave Away” MacPherson, rowed an emotional five races. The men’s double battled hard into an impressive 6th place. Similarly, the men’s four- and eight-man boats all rowed with heart and determination, placing competitively among a challenging field; consistently the RMC boats stunned the competition in placing high above predicted placements.

Despite the fact that some of the members were unruly at being told they had to don extra layers for the weather, remarking that “its just rain” the crew has much to be proud of, and to look forward to. A special congratulations is in order to the women’s novice four, coxed by OCdt Tephenie Ong, who in a field of 20 women’s boats from both the United States and Canada, placed 6th overall. It was their 2nd ever race and they blew the competition out of the water, illustrating that there is much to come from the women of the RMC crew. The Crew would like to thank their Coaches for an amazing on the water season, and while they will be losing three key members, the crew is moving into its dryland season hungry and determined. The season may be over for now, but as one member noted when race officials cancelled the remainder of the races in Saratoga, “we aren’t finished yet.”

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    November 13, 2018 at 11:55 am

    May I make a suggestion? Get Robert Varga to come once or twice a week, to coach the Judo team. He can be reached through the Japanese Cultural Centre, Toronto, where he is Sensei, or via his Facebook page. There’s nobody better, IMHO