Cadets Shine: Army Run & Squadron Pride

RMC Running Team Leads Race to the Finish at Army Run

By 25594 OCdt (III) Marina Lowthian

The RMC Varsity Running Team put on an impressive display at the 2011 Army Run on Sunday, September 18th, in Ottawa. After waking up in the wee hours of the morning to load the bus for 4 am, the runners enjoyed a long sleep in transit and, of course, a hearty box-lunch breakfast. By the time the team arrived at the race site, changed into running gear, and did their warm-up routine, they were ready to run their 5K race. They made their way to the start line, along with the 7000+ other runners — military and non-military alike — and pushed their way to the front to get a good start. The countdown was initiated and with a blast of a Howitzer, the race was off.

For the 4th year in a row, the Running Team did not disappoint.

Team ‘Truth’ took first place for the 5K Military Men’s category with an average time of 16:44. This team consisted of Richard Hayes, Eric Henderson, Anthony Dionne, Colin Shannon, and Gordon Hallam.

Team ‘Valour’ took the gold medal for the 5K Military Women’s category with an average time of 20:49. Team members were Isabelle Allain, Émile Béland, Marina Lowthian, Sonia Ménard, and Véronique Trépanier.

Team ‘Loyalty’ came first  for the 5K Military Open category with a team consisting of Jordan Vadala, Yana Volodarets, Paula Findlater, and Paul Goff.

Individual team members showed some outstanding performances as well with four team members finishing in the overall top 10. Richard Hayes finished 3rd overall with a time of 16:13, and Eric Henderson was not too close behind, coming 6th overall, with a time of 16:37. Olivier Bonvouloir finished 8th overall with a time of 16.55, with Jordan Vadala on his heels coming 10th overall with a time of 17:06. On the womens’ side, Yana Volodarets and Isabelle Allain both had strong races, finishing in 20:11 and 20:14 respectively. Along with these finishes, multiple runners achieved personal accomplishments by running overall personal bests.

Next race on deck: Western International in London, ON on Saturday, September 24th.




Squadron Pride at its Finest: Skylarks, Mascots and Flags Out in Full Force for Fall Sports Day

25337 Chris Manning – Public Information Officer (CWPIO)

The Fall Sports day gave all the officer cadets of the Royal Military College an opportunity to partake in the culture of physical fitness that is so important to college life. However, Sports day provides another opportunity to the squadrons at RMC: to express their squadron pride and develop the cohesion that is mandatory to perform to a high standard throughout the year.

The parade square exhibited a veritable plethora of colors during the morning form up, and not simply because of the squadron t-shirts; squadron flags were out in numbers, and the mascots’ antics proved enough to elicit thundering cheers from their squadrons.

Throughout the day, the squadrons took pride in showing off their ‘skylarks,’ or small pranks that turn up whenever there is a large college event. For example, numerous flags with squadron mottos and colours were carried around the peninsula. Among the other skylarks, the college statue, Brucie, could be seen sporting 1 squadron’s colours.

After the long day, the cadets received some recognition for their spirited contributions to college morale and cohesion. A speech by the Commandant, Brigadier-General Tremblay, expressed content with the show of pride by the cadets. Further, the award for the most spirited squadron, which was given to 10 squadron, was a testament to the high morale evident on the day.

On ne voyait que fierté: ‘Skylarks,’ Mascottes et Drapeaux de la Journée Sportive

par: 25337 Chris Manning Élof préposé à l’information publique

La Journée Sportive a donnée aux élèves officiers du Collège Militaire Royale l’occasion de profiter de la culture physique qui existe comme composant indispensable de la vie collégiale. Cependant, la journée sportive présente une autre occasion aux escadrons de CMR: ils peuvent démontrer leur fierté d’escadron ainsi que développer la cohésion qui est nécessaire pour que les élofs fassent preuve d’un bon rendement lors de l’année scolaire.

Le terrain de parade a été envahi par une pléthore de couleurs durant le rassemblement matinal. Ceci était du non seulement aux chandails d’escadrons, mais également aux drapeaux et aux bouffonneries des mascottes qui provoquaient des vagues d’applaudissements venant des escadrons.

Au courant de la journée, les escadrons ont démontrés leur fierté à travers leur ‘’Skylarks’’ ou leur petits farces qui apparaissent lors des évènements collégiales. Par exemple, plusieurs drapeaux d’escadrons avec leurs devises et couleurs ont été affichés partout sur la péninsule. Parmi les autres ‘’Skylarks’’, il avait le statue collégiale, Brucie, qui affichait les couleurs du escadron un.

Après une longue journée, les élofs ont reçu des reconnaissances pour leur esprit d’équipe et leurs contributions à la cohésion et moral collégiale. Le Commandant, Le Brigadier-Général Tremblay a exprimé sa satisfaction des évènements et de la fierté des élofs durant son discours envers les participants. De plus, le prix pour l’escadron ayant le plus d’esprit d’équipe a été remis à l’escadron dix démontrant à nouveau le haut moral que possédait les participants aux cours de cette journée.