Cadets Took Siege on the Army Ball & Soccer Team in Halifax

Army Ball Will Never Be The Same!

On Saturday 16 April 2011, a group of 10 RMC cadets took siege on the Army Ball with the finest technology known to the college. Their weapon of choice, a bubble shooting laser cannon designed and built by OCdt LaBelle (25514) and OCdt Phillips (24847). The project started in October with a comedic aspect right from the get go. The 8 foot long “laser cannon” acted as a modern take on the artillery’s old nine pounder technology. A “top secret” project from the beginning, and remarkably the project was only known to a small handful of cadets and staff at the college.

At the Army Ball the RMC laser cannon was marched on stage following the nine pounder demonstration, and laughter was heard as soon as the weapon was pulled in. The demonstration itself included powering the device by means of a 2ft by 2ft power outlet, charging the weapon, and of course the sequence of firing. However, to the audience’s relief the cannon did not shoot powder, shells, or lasers, instead it launched a terrifying barrage of soap bubbles.

Upon completion of their act the cadets promptly vacated the premises to a roaring applause, and due to the generous donation from EllisDon the cadets had the privilege to enjoy the evening. Throughout the night the RMC table grew accustomed to hearing “what’s your college number?” from the many ex-cadets present. The ball itself was filled with superb entertainment, endless conversation, and of course a few drinks.

Altogether the cadets had a remarkable night and while it is doubtful that RMC’s new technology will make it onto the battle field anytime soon. There is a good chance that the laser cannon will make a few appearances around the peninsula!

-OCdt Phillips, 24847




Men’s Soccer team in Halifax & surrounding area this week (2 – 5 May)

The RMC Men’s Varsity Soccer Team will be conducting a team training camp in Nova Scotia from May 2nd-5th. There will be morning and afternoon training sessions held at the Halifax all-weather fields on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, May 4th, training will be held in the morning followed by an afternoon game against the NTC Provincial squad in Dartmouth. The team will be hosting a foundation dinner on Wednesday evening with several team alumni scheduled to attend.

Any ex-cadets or team alumni who are posted in the general vicinity are welcome to attend. They can access more information by contacting Varsity Head Coach, Victor Mendes at: [email protected]

The steam is privileged to have Men’s National Team Head Coach, Stephen Hart as the guest of honor at the dinner. Mr. Hart will also be attending and participating in the training sessions during the week.