Calgary Branch Runs to the Taps

Above (l-r) 24024 Stuart Kelly (RMC 2008); 24247 Bryan McCulloch (RMC 2009); 18524 Chris Theal (RRMC 1992); 19987 Scott Treadwell (RRMC/RMC 1995), 27197 Blake Sullivan (RMC 2017); and 24046 Andrew Pittet (RMC 2008)

Article by 18524 Lt(N) Chris Theal, CFA, CIM, RMC Foundation President, Class of 1992

The RMC Calgary Branch on Sunday participated in the second annual Run to the Taps – the YYC Craft Beer Run.  The run supports local microbrew entrepreneurs and provided an opportunity for the branch to get out for some exercise, support local entrepreneurs and connect with alumni spanning from 1992 to 2017.  This run featured six ex-cadets, including two RMCC Foundation Board members, President 18524 Chris Theal (RRMC, 1992) and Chair of the Investment Committee 19987 Scott Treadwell (RRMC/RMC 1995) and three Cadet Wing Commanders (Theal, RRMC 1992, Stuart Kelly, RMC 2008 and Bryan McCulloch, RMC, 2009).  A great day and precedent for an even bigger turnout next year!