Calling All Women’s Soccer Alumni – Celebrating 25 Years of Competition

Calling All Women’s Soccer Alumni – Celebrating 25 Years of Competition

Article submitted by – Peter Reimer – RMC Sports Information and Promotion Coordinator

The women’s soccer program at RMC has 25 years under its belt as it enters the 2018-19 season, and a group of alumni have planned an event on Saturday, 15 September 2018 to mark the occasion.

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Ex-cadets Major Shannon Brown and Major Erin Smith are spearheading a brunch and an alumni game on Reunion Weekend for anyone who played for their respective teams at RMC, CMR, or RRMC. If you can join for one event or wish to partake in the entire day, they ask that you RSVP to the email address below.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

1030hrs: RMC Women’s Soccer Alumni and current team brunch in Cadet Mess

1330hrs: RMC Women’s Soccer Alumni match on Navy Bay #2 (8v8 field)

1515hrs: RMC vs. Queen’s OUA match on Navy Bay #4

RSVP via email to Shannon Brown: [email protected]

“For a number of former players, it’s been on our ‘to-do’ list for a while now,” Brown said. “It’s important for students and alumni to stay connected as part of this bigger picture of the military colleges. It sure is a relief seeing a familiar face when you leave the College and show up for the first time at the regiment, on ship, at aircrew training or go out to play for the base team.”

Smith echoed the same sentiment, reinforcing the role of alumni involvement with current players.

“I think it’s very important for RMC cadets to have mentorship and positive role models when they are starting their careers,” Smith said. “What better way to provide this than through our RMC, CMR, and RRMC alumni who share a love of the game of soccer and have these common experiences to build upon.”

Like its graduates, the women’s soccer program at RMC has come a long way since its inception in the 1990s. Both event organizers have gone on to play for Canada’s military national team, while Smith earned her MD after RMC, and currently holds Team Physician and Medical Lead positions in the CISM program.

The program got off the ground thanks in part to legwork by a group of key ex-cadets, some of whom will be in attendance at the upcoming events. Women’s soccer started at RMC thanks to the efforts of Roger MacGregor, Joe Day, Michel G. de Grandpré, Serge Anissimoff, Thomas Marshall, Lloyd Beverly, Jim Gemmell, James S. Thomson, Bruce Welling, John Bodien, Chuck MacLennan, Peter Fosbery, Don Corry, and Don Gates. The journey for women’s soccer at RMC has since seen it go from the OCAA to competing against varsity programs at the university level.

“We were always able to hold our own in the college league, but the OUA is a different game entirely,” Smith said.

“RMC has traditionally had a pretty tough billet in the OUA, but the team has still managed to advance beyond regular season play in 2007 and 2012, including a win over our Queen’s rivals in 2007,” Brown added, recalling the last times the Paladins made the playoffs.

For former players like Brown and Smith, an alumni game is a familiar concept. When they played for RMC from 2002-06 and 1996-99 respectively, there was a strong connection with a contingent of ex-cadets, including an annual Red & White game (alumni vs. current players) on alumni weekend before RMC joined the OUA and were subsequently required to play league games on the same weekend.

“It’s a great time to get the Red & White match going again, as a way to reconnect with old teammates and interact with our current varsity team,” Smith said. “Now that there are 25 years of women’s soccer at RMC, we should have more than enough women ex-cadets to play an alumni vs. alumni match – similar to what some of the other teams do during ex-cadet weekend.”

If you’re a former women’s soccer, make sure to mark these events on your calendar as you plan your time in Kingston for Reunion Weekend.

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