Can You Identify This Former Club President?


By M0917 Dean Fleet

Of the pictures below, which former RMC Club President am I?rmc_logo

– I attended two military colleges

– I was the 95th president of the RMC Club

– I am the author of two books about my military branch

– I am a holder of the Meritorious Service Medal

– I retired as a Colonel

– “Arte et Marte” means something near and dear to me.

– I served in Germany and Vietnam

– I am a Past President of the Friends of the Canadian War Museum


murray-johnston5Joe Day

xxxx(From L to R)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Robert Booth;

Michel Charron;

Murray Johnston; or

Joseph Day.

Answer: 3550  Murray Johnston (RRMC RMC 1956) was the 95th President, from 1996-1997.

Others: 10080 Robert Booth (RMC 1974) was the 104th President, from 2005-2006.

6777  Michel Charron (CMR RMC 1967) was the 101st President, from 2002-2003.

H7543 Joseph Day (CMR RMC 1968) was the 93rd President, from 1994-1995.