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McLeod has made ‘Major’ impact

Just when you think you know all there is to know about Danny McLeod, a biography emerges to elevate the legend and bring to life entrancing tales and tidbits on the man known affectionately as Major.

“I thought I knew him, but I had no idea he did so many things,” said Jim Gebhardt, whose friendship with McLeod stretches back a half-century and includes six splendid seasons ‘Trapper’ spent patrolling the blueline for the McLeod-coached Kingston Aces senior A hockey team. “His wartime exploits, his efforts as a peace-keeping observer (in Indochina), so many things brought to light, although I don’t know about that observer part,” he added. “Danny never observed anything, he got right in there.”

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The chairman of the BoG of the Royal Military College of Canada receives prestigious Vimy Award


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  • Paul Crober

    December 10, 2013 at 12:01 am

    I note CDS is wearing what appears to be a RCAF Mess Kit vice the CF version which the Ait Branch had adopted (or continued with) in the late 1980s after the Army and Navy changed theirs back to something resembling the old service mess kits.
    I must have missed something. Has the RCAF adopted this uniform now? Has it also made changes to the current “Air” DEUs as per some of the changes made by the RCN and the Army?