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  • Major-General (Retired) Richard Rohmer named honorary advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff
  • Special forces need not always work in secret, commanding officer suggests 
  • RMCC astronomer looking up


General Tom Lawson, Canada’s Chief of the Defence, named Major-General (Retired) Richard Rohmer as the Honorary Advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff. Article

The head of Canada’s special forces says he wants to work to drop the cloak of secrecy surrounding his units and bring at least some of the country’s commandos more into the public eye. Article

Dr. Gregg Wade, professor of physics with a focus on magnetic fields in stars at the Royal Military College, said Wednesday the information NASA’s NuSTAR satellite sends back to earth benefits local astronomy students. Article

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  • Mitch MacLeod

    January 4, 2015 at 7:01 pm

    Interesting re General Rohmer….I sat next to a business associate of his on a flight from Las Vegas to Pearson on 19 December and came away amazed how active the man is into his 90s.