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Caption: Canadian icon, Don Cherry threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Canada Day, Toronto Blue Jays baseball game against the Boston Red Sox – won by the Jays 11 – 2. Also, playing a major part in the pre-game opening ceremonies were members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Heading the military contingent was 13551 Lieutenant General Guy Thibault, VCDS pictured in the photo with Mr Cherry.

(Photo courtesy Toronto Blue Jays)


  • CAF and Toronto Blue Jays


  • 2015 Wounded Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike Ride

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(Photo courtesy Toronto Blue Jays)

CAF and Toronto Blue Jays

By: WJO and Toronto Blue Jays official site

Since 2012, the Toronto Blue Jays have included in their portfolio of community programming, to pay tribute to men and women of our Canadian Armed Forces.

This year on Canada Day, a Wednesday – hundreds of CAF personnel along with Don Cherry took part in the pre-game ceremonies. Heading the military contingent was 13551 Lieutenant General Guy Thibault, VCDS.

A well known big time supporter of the CAF, Don Cherry, was seen mixing and chatting with many of the military members – all ranks during the prep-up to the commencement of the formal ceremonies.

The VCDS also received an autographed Blue Jays uniform top (#25)  from Jose Bautista.

Through this ‘Sunday Salute’ program, the Blue Jays are committed to commemorating the strength and sacrifices made by members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families. On each Sunday home game, the Blue Jays host a CAF member and their family at the ballpark. During the third inning, the team honours this individual on-field through a video board tribute and presents him/her with a personalized Blue Jays jersey. The ceremony gives fans the opportunity to join the team in recognizing the hard work and sacrifices made by those who serve our country.

Canada Day 2015 – a great day indeed for many members of the CAF. To top it all off the Jays beat the Red Sox 11 – 2.

Well done – Blue Jays!

Caption: The Tournament Executive and organizers (Doug Tudor (red shirt) and Jim Carruthers)


What RMCC Principal, Dr Harry Kowal had to say (by e-mail) to the main organizer Doug Tudor

Doug: Great tournament and thank you (and Jim) for the superb work in organizing it! The weather conditions were the best we could have hoped for, the golf was befitting any PGA event and the company was simply outstanding.

Both Sean and I are extremely grateful for this event that has brought many people, ex-cadets and other supporters alike, together annually in support of the RMC Club Foundation for many years.

Of course, we are equally grateful for the fine work and dedicated support the Foundation continuously provides the College.

Plse pass on our appreciation to Jim Carruthers and to all those involved in putting together such a successful event. TDV

Dr. Harry Kowal – RMCC Principal




By: Doug Tudor 11574

On the morning of 10 July, 144 intrepid golfers participated in the annual golf classic at the Greensmere Golf and Country Club to benefit the RMC Foundation. With specific sponsorship by Canso Investment Counsel Ltd., 2keys Security Solutions, CI Investments, Greensmere Golf and Country Club, Camelot Golf and Country Club and the Class of 69 the event was a resounding success.

Bragging rights went to Low Gross of 60 – Steve Dore, Rick Doull, Andre Marquis, and Ian Zimmerman. Most Honest golfers were Dave Campbell, Phil Hancox, Tony MacIver and Steve Monkhouse. Closest to the Hole was Tom Schaubel and Closest to the Rope was Vaughan Gunter-Smith. Amongst the many notables in attendance were the Commandant Sean Friday, the Principal Harry Kowal and the President of the RMC Foundation Jim Carruthers.

Mark your calendar for 8 July 2016 for the next Ottawa Branch tournament.



Dans la matinée du 10 Juillet, 144 golfeurs intrépides ont participé au tournoi classique de golf annuel au Greensmere Golf et Country Club pour le profit de la Fondation des CMR. Avec le parrainage spécifique de Canso Investment Counsel Ltd, 2Keys Security Solutions, CI Investments, Greensmere Golf and Country Club, Camelot Golf and Country Club et la classe de 69,  l’événement a été un succès retentissant. Les droits de vantardise vont aux : Meilleur Score de 60 Steve Dore, Rick Doull, André Marquis et Ian Zimmerman. Les golfeurs les plus honnêtes : Dave Campbell, Phil Hancox, Tony MacIver et Steve Monkhouse. Plus près du trou : Tom Schaubel et plus proche de la corde : Vaughan Gunter – Smith. Parmi les nombreux notables présents étaient le commandant Sean Friday, le directeur Harry Kowal et le président de la Fondation des CMR Jim Carruthers.

Marquez votre calendrier pour le 8 Juillet 2016 pour le prochain tournoi de golf par le Chapitre d’Ottawa.


Ottawa golf tournament photos courtesy Harry Kowal


2015 Wounded Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike Ride

By: 25281 Dana Batho

The Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike Ride 2015 is now history.

We rode from Vimy Ridge, France, across Belgium, and ended the ride at Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We passed through incredibly moving sites such as Ypres (and rode under the Menin Gate), Essex Farm Cemetery, Passchendaele, Bergen Op Zoom and the Scheldt Estuary.

Ret’d LGen Roméo Dallaire and his lovely wife Elizabeth joined us in the Netherlands, as did several members of the Dutch Wounded Warriors cycling team. I was the only disabled rider in the group (I got a neck injury on military training 3 years ago and am about to be medically released because of it).

The ride was quite difficult for me – my recumbent trike fully loaded is around 75lbs, and my service dog Coco’s sun canopy created a fair amount of resistance against the wind despite the venting. I rode around 55-60km per day, and managed to complete 271km of the total 550km that Team Canada rode.

We managed to raise over $500,000 for Wounded Warriors as a team, and I exceeded my personal fundraising goal and raised $6150.

I can’t thank e-Veritas, the RMC Club and its members enough for their incredible support, there’s no way I would have met my goals and been able to participate in this event otherwise. It was a difficult ride for me (both physically and emotionally), but I did it and I’m glad I did.

There is even talk that an illustrated children’s book may be published about Coco with funds going to help other wounded soldiers – the story of the little stray dog who was adopted by a wounded soldier and helped his mummy get across Europe on her special bike.

The people I met and rode with were truly incredible individuals, and I hope to stay in touch with them.

A documentary about the ride is in the works by AMI (Accessible Media Inc) and will be aired on their cable TV channel and online sometime in August (I was one of the three featured riders). As a warm-up for the documentary, here is a short video clip put together by one of the riders (Olympian Dave Duncan) about the ride, and you can see me and Coco at one point getting some assistance from another rider –

Again, thanks to the RMC Club for all your support and well-wishes, it really did help me accomplish something I never thought I’d be able to do.

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