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  • RMCC Wins 48th Annual Historic Hockey Series

  • Sports Dome Deflated

  • Author of ‘The Wealthy Barber’ Address in Currie Hall



See the short video- Here

 Update: The dome was only down for a couple of days. Everything appears to be back to normal.


Author of ‘The Wealthy Barber’ Address in Currie Hall

By: WJO – Photos by: OCdt Erik St-Gelais

The Wealthy Barber is, of course, David Chilton, author of the classic book, The Wealthy Barber, on personal finance and a former star of Dragons’ Den on CBC TV. ‘The Wealthy Barber’ went on to sell two million copies in Canada and the United States and its catchphrase – “pay yourself first” – continues to echo in the minds of a generation of Canadians.

Recently (10 Feb) the entire fourth year class, members of the Faculty Council and other invited guests had the pleasure of sitting in Currie Hall and taking in his financial advice talk.

The talk was laced with houmour, wit and sage advice on how to handle your personal finances.

Despite his casual demeanour, it is clear that he’s a perfectionist when it comes to finding just the way to express concepts and getting his message across.

A few cadets had the opportunity to meet-up with him one-on-one. Asked for a comment, one confident officer cadet replied.

“In person, Mr. Chilton comes across as the same endlessly affable, self-deprecating guy that he appears to be on stage or before a TV camera.”

More photos from The Wealthy Barber by: OCdt Erik St-Gelais – Here