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Catching Up With the News


“20 Questions” is a series of collected responses examining various
aspects of Regimental life and training within The RCR and the Canadian
Army. This project has been developed to capture comparative information to allow new soldiers and others to see how the training, operations,and living conditions of our soldiers has evolved over time. The Regimental Adjutant is looking for Royal Canadians who can provide answers to these “20 Questions – The Young Officer”. If you would like
to participate in the “20 Questions” program, please submit your responses to the questions to the Regimental Adjutant.

At least three Ex cadets who replied. Read what they had to say.

3572 MGen (Ret’d) Frank FJ Norman (RRMC RMC ’56)

5786 Colonel (Ret’d) Joe WJ Aitchison (RMC ‘63)

14595 Major Greg SG Miller (RRMC ‘84)